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Lyrica and Cymbalta Questions

OK - can anyone who has taken Lyrica and Cymbalta in conjunction with each other please give me your experiences --- and how long you've been taking them?

I've been temporarily "diagnosed" with neuropathic pain issues (think Fibromyalgia).

Waiting on some final test results to rule out any other Autoimmune Disease - but I believe I'll be finally diagnosed as Fibromyalgia.

My Rheumatologist / Internist has prescribed Lyrica and Cymbalta together.

Now - with that in mind - I need to tell you that I finished Treatment for Hepatitis C, with Sustained Virologic Response (what is considered a cure) - with Interferon and Ribavirin --- I finished it last year in March/February. But have had pain for the last 3 years, which I associated with Hepatitis C, etc.


Adverse reactions to include:
++On methlyphenidate (literally "speed") I eat everything in the house and get sleepy.
++On Percocets 10/325, I wake up and don't feel pain... But I don't get "high" like other people seem to.
++Coffee puts me to sleep or just makes my heart race...
++Valium makes me grumpy.

Now, with that knowledge - and knowing that outside of prescribed medications that I DO NOT TAKE DRUGS, nor do I drink very often (champagne at weddings, maybe a glass of wine or two a month - or if I go out with the girls once a month, I might have a margarita kind of drinking...)

My concerns are:

---Long term effect(s)
---Long term side effects
---Temporary side effects
---Is there a noticeable difference in pain --- if so, how much?

Is it worth it to me to try out the LYRICA - Cymbalta combo she's prescribed?

If so - what should I expect?

And TRULY --- how bad is the weight gain? (Because I'm already pretty chunky... LOL!)

I'm pretty funny about medicines and I'm a bit "scared" to try anything "new". Especially New to the market.

Ps. Thank you for your time - I originally posted this in the arthritis forum and am reposting this here because someone with Fibromyalgia might see it.

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I take Lyrica & Cymbalta. I works very well for me. Lyrica is not a new drug, just "new" for fibro. It affects the nerve receptors in the brain. It has helped me a great deal. Cymbalta also helps with the nerve pain.I definitly recommend giving it a try. It is started at low dose, then increased slowly.(Lyrica)It took me to get to 200mg a day before I saw improvement, and 400 to rally take away the pain. My problem is I'm fighting my insurance company to approve it. It is $125. a month, and I can't afford it unless my insurance company will approve it, so I have had to start decreasing my dose. That sucks. The first time I took it last summer, I gained 15lbs. I stopped, as I have type 2 diabetes and couldn't control my blood sugar. This time, 3 mos ago, I re-started it, watching my carbs diligently, and have lost 6 lbs. It makes you crave carbs big time. So forwarned is forarmed. Good luck if you try it.
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Thank you LLWB. Much appreciated.

How about side effects? Any?

Any long term sides?

Does it make you feel dizzy?

Anything like that?

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I haven't had any side effects, and it doesn't make me dizzy. Everybody tolerates meds differently. Other than craving carbs it has worked for me, and has increased my tolerance for exercise, which is ectremely low. If you try it, start slowly with low dose. Good luck, post your results if you can.
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I am currently taking cymbalta, celexa, and lyrica and the only thing it does for me is make me tired......
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It only makes you tired?

Does it stop any of the pains associated with Fibro? Or any muscle aches/pains?

Any other side effects?

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I take Lyrica and Cymbalta and they help with the neuropathic pain associated with the Fibro and Diabectic nerve pain.  The Cymbalta helps with a little pain.  Side effects for me?  I'm dizzy and sleepy in the daytime, but I take other things like Vicodin 750, Klonopin, Flexeril and Ambien, and Paxil.  I gained weight with the Diabetes, so I can't tell.  But I loved carbs before all of this.
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OK I've been taking Lyrica for about a week and here are my symptoms so far --- AND I DON"T LIKE IT AT ALL.

-Feeling like I'm walking in Molasses --- almost like a head cold but not quite.
-Upset stomach
-Dizzy head, can't focus on things

I really don't like this at all.

Do the sides go away?

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I tried lyrica for a while but it didn't help with my muscle pains at all

dizziness and other side effects eventually faded away ;)

Good luck
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I do not really have any side affects.... The only thing they do for me is make me tired... Try asking your Dr. about Zanaflex.... That will knock you out so you can get a good nights rest.
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Hi, I am new to this.  Just saw your posting, I am not sure how old it is, but thought I would reply anyhow.  I have had Fibromyalgia for 20+ years now.  I started using 10 mg of Elavil for the first 10 years after being diagnosed which worked like a charm, only side effects after 1 month was the feeling of being in the fog (Foggy brain).  Other than this it was a wonder drug for me, I functioned quite well, able to do most anything, work, ski ect.  After 10 years it caused my blood pressure to go too low, so had to switch to Flexeril 10 mg at bedtime.  It also has worked well up until now, my body has gotten too used to it so I am not sleeping well now and it is not helping with the pain, but had no weight gain or bad side effects for all those years.  Would definitely recommend this drug for Fybro sufferers!  Hope this helps!
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