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My dr started me on Lyrica 5 weeks ago, and it is the first medication that has helped me. I can swim laps in pool, and am even walking a mile most days. I couldn't do any of this before the medication. I could barely work, or clean house. I did hire a house cleaner  every other week, which helps a lot. I still hurt, but at least it is bearable now. Certainly worth a try  if your dr will perscribe it.
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I started taking Lyrica this past Friday and I can't keep my eyes open.  I was tired enough before I started taking it!!!  I have done nothing all weekend but sleep.  Does it have this effect on you?  I am only taking 75mg in the morning and at night.  I know it's only been 3 days since I started it, but I can't imagine how I will feel when I have to increase it after this week.
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My Sister has Fibro/CFS/Neuropathy very bad.  She couldn't walk her feet hurt so much.  She had been taking Lyrica about a year and said it was better then the Neurontin they had her on.  Then a Doctor added Cymbalta to the Lyrica and she is much improved.  The Cymbalta is a anti-depressant/neuropathy medication.  Thought I would mention this as you maybe able to reduce your pain even farther and feel better at the same time.
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I haven't had any problems with being sleepy, which is unusual for me, as I always wanted to take a nap, sometimes 2hrs after I got up. Try to keep on it if you can, and give it a chance to work. I do also take Cymbalta. The combo does a good job, but I also take Tizanadine for muscle spasms, along with diabetic medicine, water pills, and Toporol for my rapid heart rate. 13 pills a day. Thank God for insurance, doesn't pay it all, but it helps. I don't take any vitamins or stuff like that. I hate to introduce anything else to the mix. Thank you so much for the replies.
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Hi everyone...I'm new to this this forum.  I've suffered fro Fibro for over 20 years.  I've always been able to carry on somewhat in spite of the pain up until 2 years ago when I was diagnosed with autoimmune thyroiditis.  They say there is a strong connection  between the two.  It was at that time that it got really bad, and has been getting increasing worse since then.  It's been so intolerable that in the last couple weeks I had to take time off from work.  I, too, was prescribed Lyrica on Friday and have just taken my first dose this evening.  My Doc started me on 50mg at night at first and then build up slowly since Fibro's can be sensitive to meds.  I glad you're getting relief. I need it too...desperately!  I hope it works.
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I also take Tizanandine, 8mg a night, along with Baclofen, Remeron,and Konopin.  This little "cocktail" is to help me sleep because the pain is so severe at night ,especially during the early morning.  Last night I had some intense dreams and awoke feeling a little "off" this morning after taking the Lyrica.  I believe it's because I take so much junk.  How long did it take to work for you?
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Today was my first day at work taking Lyrica.  Everybody at work said I looked like I was on drugs.  All I want to do is sleep. I take Cymbalta at night too.  I also take Diovan for high blood pressure, Toprol XL for palpatations and rapid heart rate, Topamax for migraine prevention, Protonix for GERD.  I just don't know how much longer my body will be able to go on.  I am about to drop.  I am willing to try to hang in there to see if it gets better.  I had a message today when I got home from the rheumatolgist to call back in refernce to an appointment.  My fingers are crossed.
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i usually post on the ms site iv been on lyrica for two months and it has made a huge difference to my nerve and muscle pain ( i came down with bad muscle spasm in May for two weeks could not feed myself or walk)  i was already under a neuro  when that happened as had been having memory probs word recall bladder and bowel problems balance muscle weakness and nerve pain.

Im on 375mg a day i started with 75mg it does make you tired but you do get used to that and it makes me dizzy but also i have put weight on with it which is a side effect.

I had my MRI today after waiting 3 months for it ( im in the UK and on the NHS)  and am still a waiting a dx.

lyrica is not for everybody but it does work for me!!
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Have been reading some of the sx on this page and it does sound simular to my sx but i have bouts of it the nerve sx are always there but the other sx come in bouts. Do firbros have bouts? or is it constant. I So wish i knew what was wrong with me!!!

Hope your all well
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Fibro does have what are called flares.you can go along pretty good for a while, then it "flares" up. Stress is a trigger, plus overdoing things. On good days we all tend to do overdo, then pay for it for days later. Good luck on a dx.
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I have been on Lyrica for over a year and a half... and it seems to be working now to help with pain.  I have to admit that when I first started taking it - it made me tired, feel like I had drank a bottle of wine, a little depressed... however I decided to stick with it a while and see how things went.  After about three weeks my body adjusted to the Lyrica and the tiredness, woozy feelings, and depression alleviated.  Last month a year and five months after starting Lyrica my pain started being a lot more noticeable and my dosage was increased and I've experienced these same side effects again however, from previous experience, I know that they will eventually become almost unnoticeable.  
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I tried Lyrica twice.  Both times I took it, around day 10, I felt cured of my Fibromyalgia that I have had for 6 years.  I was pain free and movement was effortless.  I had energy!  Anxieties were gone and I was leaving the house and visiting with people. My bladder worked.  I was on top of the world.  I went shopping and ran errands.  People around me were saying that I was back to my old self.  I was happy and I lived life.  I had some memory issues, couldn't find words and felt a dit dissociated but it was a small sacrafice compared to the benefit I got.  The side effects started to diminish but at the same time the effectiveness wore off.  From that point on the all effects, good and bad, started to dimininsh.  Increased dosages helped for a while, but by the 3rd month I was laid up with fibromyalgia and holed up in the house again.  This happened on both times that I was on it.  .
I went off the Lyica once the effectiveness was gone the first time I tried Lyrica.  I tricked down the dose over 2 weeks.  Then I plummeted into the darkest and deepest depression of my life.  
My doctor is keeping me on the Lyrica now even though it isn't doing anything.  At least it is keeping me from bottoming out during the withdrawl process.  
I'm crushed about the fact that the lyrica didn't continue to work.  I had forgotten how it felt to feel good and happy.  Now I miss it that much more.
I am wondering if a 2 month on./2 month off schedule would keep my body from adapting to the Lyrica and rendering it useless.
Any other experiences of Lyrica being a miracle cure and then fading away?  It feels like the movie with Robin Williams "Awakenings"...or worse "Flowers for Algernon".
Try it.  Hopefully it won't fade away on you.
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The Lyrica was working well for me, but I had to stop it because I've gained 9 lbs in 2 monts. Too much to handle with my diabetes. I'm supposed to be losing weight, not gaining it. It did give me hope tho, maybe if I can ever get my weight off I can try it again. I stopped it cold turkey...Is this a bad idea? I take Celexa, Tizanadine, ToprolXL and Ambien at night. Plus diabetes meds, and water pill (in am). 13 pills a day. I'm so tired of being tired. Sorry you can't get a dxuk2, I see you on ms site too. I would recommend trying the Lyrica to anybody, it just didn't work out with the side effects for me.
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