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This is my first day on Lyrica, and the doctor increased my citalopram! I was wondering if anyone else is on this med and if so did you notice dizziness? I have noticed a decrease in my pain, but a weird like disoriented feeling! I am so tired of pain I can deal with this for awhile, I just was wondering if anyone else has had these symptoms and if so did they go away? So far I am willing to stick anything out as long as I can get some pain relief.
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My pcp doctor also put me on Lyrica earlier this year.  I definitely do not like it.  Yes, it made me dizzy as well as nauseous.  I stayed on it for about 2 weeks, that was all I could take.  I have been on Lortab 7.5 and Zanaflex 4mg for the last five years.  The doc will only allow me to have 2 of each daily unfortunately, and it was like an act of congress to convince him to give me that amount!  I also take Xanax 2 mg, one at night mostly, although I'm allowed 2 daily, to sleep.  If my anxiety is on "zeek out" level any particular day, I will take one during the day.  I was originally diagnosed with Fibro in 1992 by a very well known highly respected Neurologist/Neurosurgeon,  here in Oklahoma City.  I see my pcp doctor at O. U. Medical Center and he is who I get my pain meds/muscle relaxers from.  He is "pretty up" on Fibro which sure does help.  What strength of the Lyrica did your doc put you on?  Mine put me on the 75mg and I was to take them twice daily.  Uggh!  They absolutely did nothing for my pain.  Now I read where the experts (?) lol, are suggesting Cymbalta for Fibro, which is, I believe, an anti-depressant.  I have taken just about every anti-depressant made and have had bad reactions to them all over the years.  They make me extremely shaky and nervous, and I don't need anymore nervous stuff going on for sure!   Good luck and I hope my response has helped you.  Abby
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Yes, I took Lyrica for a couple weeks, was tired, dizzy, felt nauseas and just felt weird.  I told her I couldn't take it.  

I found out that if you take the following supplements it takes the pain away - at least for me it did:

St. John's Wort (only if you are not already taking a serotonin medication for depression)

This actually has taken away my pain.  I do occasionally have a flare up but since switching to this routine, I am pain free for 90% of the time!  

But, check with your doctor before trying it.  My doctor said it was fine and she now recommends it to her patients.

Good luck!
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Just a quick comment - I have fibro and am bipolar. The pdoc gave me Lyrica for mood swings and at 200mg a day about a week later I was no longer depressed ABD the burning pain in my legs and back were diminished quite a bit. I guess it works differently for everyone.
I houp you find sonwthing that really works...hot baths really help me.
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I've been taking Lyrica for about 2 weeks now.  The first few days were pretty discouraging, so much dizziness, lightheaded high but tired feeling.  It has subsided each day that I've taken it though.  I feel like I can drive now too.  The burning pain in my back and legs has subsided also. I've even got back on my stationary bike the last 3 days with no major flares.  I was told that it takes about 2 months to get the full effects of Lyrica and some of the side effects will subside too.  Don't give up now and do not stop without proper instructions and does reductions. Good luck
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I found that by starting on a low dose and increasing it once every five to seven days helps with the dizziness and sleepiness. I found that with every dose increase I would have several days of dizziness and sleepiness, but after a few days it would go away. I am up to 450 mg of Lyrica a day and can say for the first time in years that my pain is controllable. Amount and type of activity effects pain levels, but if I control those correctly, get good sleep, I find that my pain level has gone from a seven almost every day to about a three most days. The pain does increase if I do more than I should in a particular day.My worst pain is sciatica though, the Fibro pain is minimal.
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Ive been on Lyrica for 2 years.  Yes--at first you are going to feel odd, but if you can just stick it out on a low dose for a month and then slowly have it increased, you will find that those "odd" feelings stop.  I still have a ton of pain, quite unbearable, but when I stopped the Lyrica for 2 weeks (i ran out) I found that my pain was through the roof--so it must help somehow.  I have the burning type of pain in my neck and cramps everywhere else.  

*just an FYI for Cymbata:
I was put on Cymbalta a year ago.  I thought everything was fine.  Then as soon as I tried to stop it (because of another reason) I went through a VIOLENT withdrawal.  I didn't think those could happen so soon....I had only been on it for 2 months.  It was horrible.  I actually wanted to kill myself--and had absolutely no remorse for it.  Then about 6 months later my neuro wanted me to try it again.  Because he thought it could have been the Topamax that I had stopped around the same time as the Cymbalta previously.  So I reluctantly tried it again.  ( i know, i know...)  Well, the EXACT same thing happened all over again but much much worse.  I wont go into detail.  Just please-please-please be careful if considering Cymbalta.  I try to warn everyone that I can about this drug.  And I totally understand that it may possibly help so many people out there and not have the horrible reactions that I went through, but please be careful with it.  

But try to give the Lyrica a couple more weeks kay?

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My Dr put me on 25mg 4x daily for a month. Did not help at all. then he went to 75mg 3x daily Did not help. Then he went to 150 mg 3x daily, Nothing again Dr says it takes about a month to work. I was on it for six months...Please be careful of withdrawels and always ask your pharmisist what it is youve been prescribed!!!!. In my fibro grp lyrica helps 2 out of ten people. Its one of those drugs that got pushed on the market like cymbalta real fast. We are the lab rats. Dr's get a kickback for prescribing this. I know because my brother in law is a Dr. also I heard this on XM radio webmd. Then the Dr put me on cymbalta. which within three day gave me heart arithmias.The only good thing about lyrica is that it gets the word out there that fibromyalgia is real. Stats are 50% of Dr's do not believe fibro is real. Before my car accident the only thing that helped me with fibro /cfg was Vitimins and mild tranqualizer with a muscle relaxer. since fibro flares up from stress, trama and anxiety it makes sense that those would help.
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Hi ! I just posted information on Lyrica in our Health Pages just yesterday.

I agree... physicians need to come around when it comes to these syndromes. It is ridiculous that my friend, who works in the medical field, works with a physician who still doesn't believe CFS is even real ! That debate has been resolved AGES ago. Sheesh ! And if you read the history of CFS... it has been around for a very long time. Fibromyalgia is also real and I know in the thyroid forum recently, I posted abnormalities that they are finding in fibro patients... one of those is the presence of substance P in the spinal fluid of fibro patients.

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What the Medical field cant see they will tell you its all in your head. I am sure we have all been through this. I have had Fibro/Cfs for 15 or so years. I finally had to take it upon myself to do quite a bit of research. I was lucky enough to find a homeopathic Dr to get me started. I went from spending most of my day and night in bed...I could last perhaps 4 hours a day and if I did any activity I was down for the count for days. I had it somewhat under control for the past 8 or so years with a strict diet of healthy food, vitimins (not one a day) swimming. I was back working 40-50 hours a week. then recently I was in a MVA. Dx whiplash with pain in certain spots on my spine. MRI's showed everything was fine. as the Dr was pumping me full of narcotics. I went to Pain clinic and I was told that the 3 bulging disc 2 small one large were normal for my age and having fibro. I went to aquatic P/T for 1yr and continue, I went to boston to the Pain clinic there and w/in 5 min of saying fibro that was it for the interview. Off to another Dr they sent me. I have spent close to 8 months seeing a ruemitoligist (spelled wrong I am sure) he has tried every drug known to man. Still I am prescribed Narcotics which put the pain level at maybe a 7. Finally after telling the Dr's its my spine . Not being able to arise from bed, needing help He is sending me to the spine clinic. I am so frustrated and depressed  (seeing a psychologist) The Dr teaches at Harvard med and is very good but I have found in my travels that Dr;s do not listen to the patients. This all happened in March 07 ...no income SSD is so messed up...My LTD from work denied me (CIGNA) 4 times. I could write a book. But I will spare you all.
I would like to get that article that you mention "I posted abnormalities that they are finding in fibro patients... one of those is the presence of substance P in the spinal fluid of fibro patients".  
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Hi ! I agree with you... the medical community has failed us. I hate to say that, but it is the truth. IMO.. the truth never hurts.. only our reaction to it does.  I hope you read what Dr. Garth Nicolson wrote about lyme disease. If you missed out on his Q & A Session with us, you can find the links to those discussion in our Health Pages (look to the right of your screen).

You can find the information about the presence of substance P by googling, "Red Labs USA".

I hope that helps !

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I was put on Lyrica/Pregablin for 'Fibromyalgia and neuropathic ,M.E CFS, sent to a Shrink???? And it turn's out i have OPIATE INDUCED HYERLALGISA cause by Opiate painkiller's. T

hen LYRICA did a grand number on me!! I have EVERY side effect from it and then some? My skin is coming off and i look like a leper!! I also have nerve damage from it and my eye's and mucus membrane is wreaked and i have ever growing problem's from it.

I was first prescribed it in 2006 and a week or two later complained of 'Symptom's' i never had before the drug, plus my skin dying off and salt like crystal's coming out of my skin? I also nearly died from Anaphalaxic shock bought on by this drug....i kept saying ''Its the Lyrica, and the Opiates..........

AND NO ONE LISTENED!!! And then tried to say i was getting ever MORE illnesses then half of what could be plainly seen physically WAS IN MY HEAD?

I then saw a Neurologist after year's of hell and believing i actually HAD all these terrible illnesses after being a super fit supreme athlete form a very fit and youthful looking family?

I have aged 50 year's from the structural; damage it's wrought on my body, he 'casually' said oh!!! stop taking the LYRICA it's got a million KNOWN side effect's and MORE keep showing up??????

And i found this on a respected website where we ALL SWOP INFORMATION ON HEALTH MATTER'S TRYING TO HEAL WITH NATURAL REMEDIES and allow each other to post whatever we post anywhere on the web.

there is no COPY RIGHT associated with any of this. Just a lot of very ill Drug damaged people trying to save ourselves.

.In 2008 Pfizer lost a court case concerning illegal off-label use of Lyrica. It cost them $2.3 billion for this off-label use infringement.

One of the major side-effects of Lyrica is skin sensitivity.  See this link.

Lyrica was the replacement for the older medicine -- Gabin -- which is only a GABA analogue copy called gabapentin that contains the synthetic and more expensive form of GABA(Gamma-Aminobutyric acid) which is just a natural body vitamin. So why not save some money and avoid all those synthetic drug side effects by just take ordinary natural form of GABA instead? This, of course, will only help to manage your pain but will not cure your condition.

For a cure, taking Alpha Lipoic Acid(ALA), Brewer's Yeast and Milk Thistle might help you more. ALA and Brewer's Yeast (containing all the B Vits except B12) act to repair the nerves while Milk thisle and ALA will act to remove any residual synthetic drugs in your body that shouldn't be there.

Taken at mealtimes

Organic Brewer's Yeast -- One tablespoon twice a day with water at mealtimes, morning and evening. You can cook with it too -- it has a nice nutty flavour. You can also take B50 complex if you wish but Brewer's yeast is better I think because it is in the more natural form.

ALA -- 300 mgs taken twice a day at lunch and dinner.

Milk Thistle -- 500 mgs taken twice a day with meals.

L-Selenomethionine -- 200 mcgs twice a day with meals.

Vitamin B12 -- 1000 mcgs once per day. Take this as the lozenge or as the capsule(at mealtimes).

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) -- As the powder form -- 5 grams a day in a glass of water. Helps to repair skin and is a remarkable anti-inflammatory and pain killer. DMSO(Dimethylsulfoxide) has the same properties. You can buy MSM at any health store or from internet vendors such as ebay.com.

Selenium combined with methionine(or L-Selenomethionine) will help your body to to produce more cysteine and hence more glutathione in the body which will also help to detox any unwanted residual drugs causing side-effects from your body. Methionine also provides essential methyl groups which also help the Methylation Cycle and which also helps the body to detox.

I would also switch from using Gabin to using the more natural GABA. If you do this then the Milk Thistle and ALA -- which only expel xenobiotics(chemicals and synthetic drugs that the body does not recognize) -- will be able to more quickly remove all the residual synthetic chemicals causing any side-effects. The natural GABA that you supplement instead will not be expelled because the body will recognizes that it is a required natural vitamin. "
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Research shows the anticonvulsant drug pregabalin—sold under the brand name Lyrica—causes suicidal ideation and behavior and angioedema. The Rottenstein Law Group compassionately advocates for those who have suffered from the harmful side effects of potentially dangerous drugs. If you’ve taken Lyrica and believe it harmed you, contact RLG for a free, confidential legal consultation immediately. We will evaluate your case and remain on the lookout for Lyrica recalls and Lyrica class action lawsuits. We might be the Lyrica law firm you are looking for.
What Is Lyrica and What Is Prescribed For?

Lyrica is the brand name for the drug pregabalin. Made and sold by U.S. pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, this prescription medication is used to treat neuropathic pain associated with diabetic peripheral neuropathy, postherpetic neuralgia, partial onset seizures. It is also the first drug approved for treating fibromyalgia.
Read more

update View Lyrica updates
See other lawsuits in:

    Dangerous Drugs

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Lyrica in December 2004, and Pfizer sells it in 25 mg to 300 mg oral capsules. Lyrica is Pfizer’s third highest-selling drug by revenue; Pfizer earned more than $3 billion in Lyrica sales. Pfizer’s Lyrica patent will expire in 2013.

Pfizer designed Lyrica to be the successor to the neuropathic pain reliever gabapentin. According to Lyrica’s label, “[T]he mechanism of action of pregabalin has not been fully elucidated.” Scientists believe Lyrica reduces the release of neurotransmitters that mediate pain signals from the brain.

According to the BBC, Pfizer settled the largest ever fraud claim against the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) for $2.3 billion. Whistleblowers informed the DOJ that Pfizer was marketing various drugs, including Lyrica, for off-label uses. The DOJ and state attorneys general took on their cases under the False Claims Act. Pfizer signed a “corporate integrity agreement” with the United States government.
Lyrica Suicidal Ideation and Behavioral Side Effects

Although Lyrica’s packaging does not carry any of the FDA’s most serious warnings (i.e., “black box” warnings), it does cause some serious side effects.

In late 2008, the FDA required antiepileptic manufacturers to include warnings on their drug labels stating that the drugs cause suicidal thoughts and behaviors in users. This requirement is based on a study of 199 placebo-controlled clinical trials that showed that antiepileptic users experienced suicidal thoughts at double the rate of the placebo population (0.43% vs. 0.24%).

An unknown number of people reported to the FDA that they experienced angioedema while taking Lyrica. Angioedema is the term for swelling of the face, mouth, or neck. Neck swelling can be life-threatening.

The most common general side effects, according to Lyrica’s label are:

    Blurred vision;
    Weight gain;
    Skin hypersensitivity;
    Difficulty concentrating;
    Edema (swelling of the hands or feet);
    Dry mouth;
    Soreness and muscle pain; and
    Feeling “high.”
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