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Has anyone taken lyrica for fibromylasia and found increased pain instead of decrease?
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I've been taking lyrica for months now and it has not helped me at all. I had a really bad flare up this week and i almost felt like it was the cause.
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  I tried taking Lyrica but the side effects were horrible. Neurontin did the same thing. Really scary side effects.

gentle hugs
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Hi debbiedo -

I have taken it and found that it helped with the pain, however, when I missed a dosage I discovered that the pain increased.

Some medications have the reverse effect than what is intended.  Please get in touch with your doctor about your symptoms.  If it isn't helping the pain, then it's probably not worth taking due to the side-effects.

Take care and feel better soon.
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they wanted me to try lyrica although im allergic to the main ingredient in it but he told me that it was a low dose and wouldnt hurt me so i gave it a try for a week and it did nothing for me at all and i started having bad reactions from it like i did when i took neurontin..  made me feel like i was going crazy.  i didnt like the sound of all the side effects!  i just went to a pain specialist and he talked to me for about 15 minutes at the most and he told me straight up that he was going to call my regular doctor and recommend to her that my pain meds. be cut in half because he felt that i didnt need all that pain medication for what was wrong with me and my pain.  HOW IN THE HELL DOES THIS PAIN SPECIALIST KNOW WHAT KIND OF PAIN I HAVE AND HOW BAD IT IS?  HE SAW ME FOR THE FIRST TIME AND SPENT 15 MINUTES WITH ME...WHAT A DAMN QUACK!!!  I CANT STAND SOME OF THESE DOCTORS THAT TRY TO TELL YOU HOW U FEEL!  AND HE DIDNT WANT TO LISTEN TO A DAMN WORD I HAD TO SAY!
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