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Marital Stress and Fibro

I have a less than happy marriage and most times, I think I would be better off on my own... but for the sake of the kids we stay together... blah... blah... blah... you know the story!

Anyway, due to all of the stress of this situation and the fact that I have THREE children - 2 are teenagers and drive me nuts - I think my Fibro pain worsens as tensions in our house rise.  

I get absolutely NO support from my spouse or my children regarding my pain tolerance or how I may be feeling overall.  They go on about their lives and just expect and assume that I will continue to pull my load - that alone is really weighing on me. Mostly because I can't get any relief from the physical pain.  Some days getting out of bed is truly a physical challenge, but that doesn't matter - I still have responsibilities to tend to and heaven forbid that anyone would offer to help!  UGH!

Does anyone else experience this?  I truly believe the stress is adding to my fatigue and pain.  
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Yes, I feel somewhat the same as you. I only have one child at home now, but the other four contribute to the stress too, needing money, girlfriend problems, etc.  I have done many things, talked to my husband, printed out info, the whole spoon theory and truly, he says he understands, but he doesn't.He does want me to rest, but what he doesn't do is pick up any of the slack, like laundry, cooking, shopping, all the things we do as women and mom's.  and then I am exhausted. I am like you, I could stay in bed all day, but take it as a blessing that you do get up and do things. I think that is better for you. Can you take a nap each day? I have found that if I lay down, whether I fall asleep or not, I am more able to face the rest of my day, like dinner...etc...
Good luck!
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VC and DGG men have one goal and your not telling them enough to help them understand what your going threw.
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Yes!  And I'm not even married or living with my BF.  My pain & fatigue are all over the board and don't seem to relate to exercise level, foods, or anything else that affects a lot of people.  That said, I have made one correlation - my BF usually comes down Sat night and stays til Tuesday morning.  My fatigue, pain and mood usually crashes Tuesday and Wednesday, and sometimes into Thursday.  By Thursday evening I'm usually doing pretty good, and even if my pain is high, my coping with it is much easier.  Then the whole cycle starts again w/the weekend.
He is trying to understand the fibro, but its just not working out very well.  There are other issues between us as well (of course lol).
I don't have any great words of wisdom, but you are not alone!

(((gentle hugz))) to you  
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