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Memory problems

Research has shown that people with fibromyalgia brain ages 10 yrs faster than the average person.  I am fast approaching 63 and I have had some serious memory problems.  I don't have these problems everyday and I do not know what triggers them.  I do know that if I am really tired I will have memory loss to the point that I cannot complete a sentence.  So does it mean that when I am 73 my brain will act like it is 83 or older?  This really has me worried.
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I never heard of fibromyalgia brains ages 10yrs.faster. I'm 58 and have memory problems also. Many times I can not complete a sentance either.

Can you please tell me where you read or heard this?  I'm worried myself.
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I have FM for over 12 years now, I've read numerous books, I belong to the National Fibromyalgia Network, The Fibromyalgia Association, and follow the latest research on many aspects of FM. These include, medical and pharmaceutical research.

There is NO evidence that people with FM have brains that age faster. There is a neurological aspect to FM that can affect our brains. Our neurotransmitters may not be firing right to put it simply. Depression which is previlant in FM sufferers can cause memory lapse.
There has been a report of the Hippocampus of the brain shrinking slightly in FM patients. This is the memory part of the brain, therefore we will have memory problems but never as severe as Alzheimer's and never final like Alzheimer's.

Instead of fearing, exercise your brain. Do brain games like on the Xbox 360 or magazine brain games. Nintendo DS has wonderful Brain Game pkgs. These actually help. My brain function has increased 4% since doing the 360 one on a regular basis.

Meds can affect your memory also. I'm taking Topamax for migraines, side effect....memory difficulties, duh, yea!  It got really bad recently so I lowered the dose and Voila' my memory improved.

It is uncomfortable and embarassing to fish for words, to finish a sentence when you're with younger people and having a deep discussion. At 57, I feel more and more self conscious about how strong I appear, having always been strong and intelligent. The other day someone talked sweet to me and leaned in, I pulled back and freaked like WTF!! Here I was in jeans and a Metallica T-shirt and sneakers but I let my hair grow out to a beautiful white and I couldn't find my words, soooo...........RED FLAG....OLD/Losing it. Damn this illness bites at times. What did they think I was in Home Depot for, crutches?, I was picking out tiles to do my kitchen. LOL

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Thank you for your last paragraph! It made me laugh so much and I certainly need that. Love your humor. Feeling ill 24/7 doesn't make it easy to laugh0.
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I woke up this morning with a FM headache that is from my shoulders, up my head to my face. I have a headache every day, but this one :0P My brain already feels like its burning. That usually comes later. I'm cranky which usually never happens, I feel all out of sorts.
Friday night I took a Soma before bed, to help me sleep and felt pretty good Saturday. So I took one Saturday night. Today Sunday I feel awful. It wasn't the meds that helped.
Research shows atmospheric pressure affects FM, yesterday was beautiful, low atmospheric pressure, today you could cut the air with a knife.
Reading your post made me smile, thanks.
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