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Migrating Joint Pain - Fibromyalgia?

I have had migratory joint pain for 4 weeks. It started in my knee, and has traveled from joint to joint. It gets so bad that I cannot climb stairs by the end of the night without difficulty. I have difficulty writing due to the hand and wrist pain. I am stiff and sore in the joints in the mornings, it gets better during the day and then the pain is severe in the evenings. I have had blood tests for Lupus, Rhematoid arthritis, lymes and parvo and they have been all negative.

I also have chronic neck, back and hip pain. This has been going on for a long time now, over a year. I just live with the pain. I am tired throughout the day. I cannot sleep at night.

I was wondering if all of this could be due to fibromyalgia?
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hi..firstly i can imagine how hard it is hun..my daughter has a muscle disease..she does ok..she fights it..but its ther an causes problems but we get thru..x can i ask how old  you are? and do you exercise much or diet well? sorry for being personal but i..myself am almost 38 and i wont lie..i dont eat well although i try to sometimes..im not that energetic..again..i try to sometimes,an i get similar symptoms...i put it down..me personally..to just not looking after myself at the momment coz im too busy looking after my daughter...could it be also you care for others around you too...sorry if im way off but sometimes we forget about ourselves and get run down x
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I am 40 years old, and have not exercised since this all has started. I ear fairly well.
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