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Muscular overuse

Here is something I copied and pasted.  There are so many reasons for the cause of chronic muscle pain even overuse injuries that are not reversable.  My question is, why don't body builders get muscle tears and chronic muscle pain from over use?  I only seek some kind of pain management when all else fails like anti depressants and lyrica and so forth...  I'm not depressed, I'm in pain.  :)  I do have a healthy attitude though, by choice.  Here is what I found to be a bit interesting:

When overuse occurs, nerve entrapments, muscle adhesion, inflammation and scar tissue, among many other problems, can manifest. This is because overuse causes injury or other situations where the tissue actually changes detrimentally in three important ways.
• First of all, the tissue itself does not get enough oxygen, a condition also called "hypoxia."
• Second of all, there can be an accumulation of small tears, also called a micro-trauma.
• And third of all, this can cause acute conditions, such as pulls, tears, and collisions.
No matter the cause, what happens is that these three types of changes cause the body to heal by producing tough, dense scar tissue in the area that has been injured, which replaces the healthy tissue. The scar tissue itself then binds up the surrounding tissues, so that they can no longer move freely. As more scar tissue builds up, muscles themselves can become shorter and weaker. Scar tissue in not as strong and stable as healthy tissue.
Without treatment this results in tension on tendons, which in turn causes tendinitis, and nerves can become trapped or compressed. This in turn can cause pain, loss of strength, and reduced range of motion. In some cases, when a nerve becomes trapped, you can also feel numbness, tingling or weakness.

I wish doctors would be more hands on with these conditions.  I haven't found one yet that actually even looks the slightest bit interested.  I need to be more aggressive apparently.  How difficult is it to say "this is what you have, here is why, and this is what we're going to do to try to manage the pain."  See how easy that was?  :)  Why can't doctors do this?

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