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Need Help with Fibromyalgia

In Fibromyalgia what causes the soarness in your muscles and the Fatigue and what can you do about it?

Also I've heard that eating only fresh fruits and vegitables will help the flu like symptoms is that true?

I live in Eastern Kentucky and I was wondering if there is any Fibromyalgia specialists around or close to kentucky?

Do you have excessive weight gain with Fibromyalgia?
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I think that people suffering from fibromyalgia have a successive, low-grade chronic infection. A healthy diet is essential to battling this infection, along with proper treatment.

The reason for your weight gain is probably due to a low thyroid, which the standard lab tests often fail to detect.

I hope you will check out our health pages for additional information:


Also, to find a physician in your area who frequently diagnoses and treats fibromyalgia, consider googling, "Co Cure's Good Doctor List"

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   Thank you for your help!!
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You bet !  I hope that you will stick around... feel free to ask any questions and definitely keep us posted !
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Also I have another Question for you about low Thyroid if standard lab tests wont usually show that you do have low thyroid what kind of test do you need done? The reason I ask this question because I have had my thyroid checked about 3 times and they all come back normal but I still feel like I have a Thyroid problem.

                                                                                         Thank you!

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