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Needing Help

Hello everyone- This is a long post, so I apologize.

I have been having some "mysterious" health problems since December, and none of my doctors have been able to figure anything out.

Below is a list of all of the problems that I have been experiencing since December.

History of "recent" health
- Fibrocystic Breast Disease 2010- present
- Mononucleosis in 2007-2008- sick for almost 11 months
- Low platelets, white cells, viruses, diagnosed with Epstein Barr Virus
- Eventually recovered, hematologist considered Bone Marrow Biospy during this time, but not completed.
- Constantly swollen Lymph Node in left armpit

December 2013
- Exhausted, sleeping between 8-15 hours a night.  Never enough.
- Can't wake up to alarms, or even to being shaken or told to get out of bed.
- Noticed muscle pains, joint stiffness and bone aches.
- Dizziness/headaches

January 2014
- Exhaustion continues.
- Notice severe bruising from bumping into simple things- figured I had Mononucleosis again as symptoms were mirroring my past experiences.
- Sleeping through alarms- sleeping still between 8-15 hours a night.  Not enough sleep.
- Bout of confusion occurs in late January- initiates first doctor visit.
- First visit- doctor identifies severe bruising, running a fever, bone/joint/muscle pains, low platelet and white cell counts, orders CT scan of my head to explore potential causes of confusion (came out normal).
- Referred to hematologist
- See hematologist- initial reaction- Bone Marrow Biospy and monitor blood counts
- Go to ER for extreme abdominal pain- diagnose Thrombocytopenia and "abdominal pain", sent home with pain killers and put on all liquids diet.
- Dizziness/headaches
- 3 days later-Awakened by nausea, nothing for body to get rid of, incredibly sick, fevers.
- Next day, hematologist- low platelet and white cell counts still, but improved, tenderness in abdomen to the touch.  See back in 2 weeks.
- Problems walking, physical difficulties lifting myself up to get out of bed.  Minimal appetite, night time chills.

February 2014
- Went back to initial doctor for excruciating abdominal and back pain.  Treated for Kidney infection with anti-biotic shot.  Helped some, problem continued.
- Extreme fatigue and exhaustion, continued bone/muscle/joint aches, periodic fevers.  Ready to sleep after minimally demanding tasks.  Difficult time focusing on coursework.
- Diagnosed as recovering from Epstein- Barr Virus and Mononucleosis (again)
- 1 week later Back to ER again for abdominal and back pain.  Abdominal CT and X-Ray- normal.  Low blood counts.
- Saw hematologist- told my counts are good.  See back in 2 months.  Asked the hematologist why I still felt terrible.  Said to get more sleep and go back to a regular diet.
- Saw a G.I. Doctor- went through my whole history and was not sure if he'd find anything.  Scheduled a colonoscopy.
- Saw family doctor- somewhat discounted by doctor.  Said because I am young that symptoms would be more concerning if I was older.  Also said sometimes it takes time for a disease to show itself.
- Dizziness/headaches- attributed to fairly low blood pressures
- Problems walking, etc.  Need help getting out of bed at times, chills.  Minimal appetite.  Some weight loss.

March 2014
- Bone/muscle/joint aches
- Ready to sleep after minimally demanding tasks.  Difficult time focusing on coursework and concentrating in class.
- Returned to doctor for NEW symptoms- Shortness of breath and night sweats.  Discounted- tested for strep..negative.  Had a fever.  Said I might be fighting something viral.
- Colonoscopy/endoscopy done- everything looks normal.
- Exhaustion to the extreme.
- * New symptom- night sweats
- *New symptom- paresthesia over night- awakened by feeling incredibly warm and nausea, ENTIRE body went numb, was tingly.  Could not move arms, legs- had problems speaking and articulating words clearly.  Left eye has continued to twitch since.
- Dizziness/headaches/chills
- Back to first doctor because I trust them and they showed actual concern for ailments.  Referred me to have an MRI and MRA completed after paresthesia event.  Had that completed yesterday- seeing a neurologist on Monday.

I am hoping that someone might see a pattern in these symptoms or have potential recommendations as to what could be wrong with me.  I am starting to lose faith in some of my doctors, especially since my symptoms have not always been taken seriously.  I feel absolutely dreadful and am getting to a point where I no longer even want to bother calling my doctors back when they call.  My apologies if it sounds like I am whining, but I am sick, there is definitely something wrong, and no one has yet to pinpoint a problem.  I am looking for help because everything listed above has been adversely affecting my life in an unbelievable amount of ways.  If someone has any ideas, please let me know.  I am incredibly concerned, and, if I am able to understand what is wrong, I will be able to begin recovering or at least slow down the progression of whatever is ravaging my body.

Thank you
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Hi Ketrout.

Well, this a lot for YOU, to go through in a relatively short time.

There's no need to apologize, actually I welcome posts like yours,
where the medical history with timeline and details, is presented so well.

So let's put some logical order in this:

1.Mono was caused by EBV

2. Thrombocytopenia. Clues to its Cause.
Signs: Abdominal issues, EBV

3. Recurring mono and CFS/FMS symptoms developing.

4. Hormonal dysregulation is suspected in Fibrocystic Breast disease.
Estrogen dominance is on top of the list, as a causative factor and with many other unwanted consequences, one of them being low thyroid function.

5. Adrenal fatigue leading to adrenal exhaustion, is a strong possibility,
in light of all the chronic stress (mental, physical & emotional) all this
is causing you.
The body ,unable to sustain elevated cortisol levels to deal with the prolonged stress, leads to lower cortisol levels.
Cortisol regulates the immune cells in our gut so when cortisol is depleted those cells become dysregulated, making us more susceptible to pathogens like bacteria, yeast, and parasites.
Low thyroid function, secondary to low adrenal function, is a default survival mechanism, down-regulating energy, as the body needs to slow down,
for adrenal function recovery.*

6. Also suspect is an underlying & undetected pathogenic infectious condition, like Pathogenic Mycoplasma , Babesia, Bartonella, Borellia,
Ehrlichia and others.
According to Dr. Garth Nicolson, 80% of CFS and FMS sufferers have an undelying (usually undiagnosed) Mycoplasma infection.
You may do a search here in MedHelp for Dr Nicolson, who is the world's top expert in this field and part time expert on MedHelp, for details.

* If this starts sounding complicated, IT IS!
Unfortunately, you cannot take this information to your doctor, as most of it
falls outside the scope of conventional medicine. They will only consider
treating total adrenal failure, as adrenal fatigue & adrenal exhaustion are not recognized, even if the patient is suffering severely. (like in your case)

Due to the seriousness of these condition(s) and its complexities,you may want to consider seeing a Naturopathic doctor, knowledgeable in
adrenal/hormonal issues, and who will help you strengthen your immune system, before any irreversible damage is experienced.

I hope this helps, but please note that my comments are not intended as a
substitute for medical advice.

Feel free to post again or message me directly any time.

Best wishes.
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It could be lead poisoning or some type of arsenic. What job did you do? Have you worked with any chemicals? Sometimes blood tests don't show these things.
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