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Was wondering if anyone has been on this medication for awhile and if you have had any results in regards to pain. I have been on this medication since July 5th, and have been increased a couple of times and I am up to 1200mg daily. Was hoping that this could help and if I could get any feedback. I know I haven't been on this drug long enough to feel the full effects, but still want hope!
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I'm taking the generic form, just recently resumed but have used it in the past.

Neurontin is Rx-ed for nerve pain as an "off label" use, that it, treating nerve pain is not the function for which it was designed so it's not listed as a use on the manufacturer's label.  It is actually an anti-seizure med, but it was found to also reduce neuropathy in patients.

It is my understanding that Lyrica works much in the same way, and is a newer medication by the same company.

I do not have a diagnosis of fibro, but I have chronic Lyme disease and myofascial pain syndrome, so I have a lot of symptom overlap.  I find that neurontin is helpful in covering up some of the neuropathic pain associated with my illnesses.  It will do nothing for muscle pain, just like how NSAIDs (like Advil) will do nothing for nerve pain.

Also, as my doctor described it to me, it can take awhile to hit the right dosage with neurontin.  Too little and it won't help, too much and you can get into lots of side effects (drowsiness being a big one).  Often it's best to start small and slowly up the dose.  It can take a couple of weeks for the therapeutic dose to "kick in," so if it doesn't work straight away don't give up hope.

I think the max daily dose is 2800 mg, or thereabouts.  I'm currently taking only 600 mg, and am going to wait and see how that goes.  In the past, I think I only went as high at 1600 mg a day, or else I got too foggy from it.

Some of the symptoms it helped with the most for me was the tingling/"pins and needles" sensations in my face, hands, and feet.  Also it reduced the burning sensations in my skin, and seemed to also help with the feeling that my legs are dipped in concrete.

It will only provide symptomatic relief, it won't do anything about whatever the underlying cause is, but sometimes symptom relief is the key goal!

Good luck, hope the medication works for you.

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What are you taking it for?
I had back surgery to decompress sciatic nerve, and continued to having pain in my right leg, the Doctor prescribed it to control nerve pain, but it didn't help me at all, I did get all the side effects and begged the doctor and told him I didn't want to take it, and he wouldn't let me stop taking it, so I took it for over three months and never saw a good result, I went to see another Doctor and told him about that med and he said "if it's not helping then don't take it anymore, it should've done some work in the nerve, but it didn't" I started right with 1200mg a day, but didn't do any good, I'm not saying this is your case, but I hope my experience helps.
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I take the generic form also. I think that they prescribed it to help with the numbness and tingling sensations that I have been experiencing. Although I haven't had any testing for nerve pain, I do have symptoms of it and have family history with neuropathy. I do have muscle problems also and I take Cymbalta also, which I think can help with nerve pain also.  Thanks for your reply.
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Yes, I'm learning that if you're going for symptom management, hitting both nerve and muscle pain is key.  Otherwise it's like kool aid with no sugar!

I'm not sure there is a great test to determine neuropathy, I think it can be a matter of ruling out normal causes for pain so nerve pain is what's left.  There are many causes and classes of neuropathy, including small fiber neuropathy that doesn't show up on standard tests.  

Good luck with the combo you're trying, hope it provides some relief.
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Thanks for all of your advice. I hope that I can get the right dosage and feel better, but sometimes it is easier to not be so optimistic.
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