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New here for CFS

Hello everyone,
I was invited here by PlateletGal, who has been so nice and supportive. I am hoping to be able to check in here and find some answers, and someday be able to provide answers too. I was just diagnosed with EBV and they think Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I have been searching for answers for my extreme exhaustion for 3 years. Now at least, I have an answer. Thank you to everyone for this forum. I have found the forums on Medhelp to be lifesavers!
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hello  and welcome to this community, there are heaps of people on here that can offer good sound advice,and i would expect that there will allways be someone that can answer what ever question/concerns that you will have, so post away!!!! and once again wellcome
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Hello and welcome to our community. PlateletGal told you the truth, we're here for one another, with questions and answers. I have Fibro and CFS so I know what you are saying about extreme exhaustion. There are a lot of really knowledgeable people here, I have learned more from the members here at MH than I have from my doctor. So, welcome and glad to have you.

gentle hugs
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Welcome aboard !!!!
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Hi and welcome to the forum.  PlateletGal is very informed about the treatments and latest research on CFS and i'm sure you will find some valuable information here.  We learn from one another and are happy to see you with us to share your experiences and knowledge.  
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Yay, another sufferer of *only* CFS!  (LOL)  I too suffer from CFS, but it seems that a large majority of the people here have Fibro or both Fibro *and* CFS.  Chalk one up for our side!

But seriously, welcome to the forum.  It's a great place for advice, support, and just general rambling on those days you're too damned tired and out of it to say anything coherent.
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Thank you all for the welcome. How nice it is that people you don't know can be so warm and caring. I do have one question right off the bat.  Do you all see a doctor about this? A rhuematologist has been recommended to me. I am wondering what kind of doctor you see and what you are doing for your CFS? I am just at the beginning of this, so will have many questions! Thank you everyone!!!!
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Finding a physician who knows about fibro or CFS is the difficult part. Only a couple of years ago, I saw a rheumatologist and he told me that the attending physician didn't believe CFS existed !

For anyone who has fibro and/or CFS... I highly recommend finding the websites that have physicians who are interested in these conditions and routinely see fibro and CFS patients. Consider googling, "Co Cure's Good Doctor List" for a list of one of these physicians in your area. ; ^ )
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