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New symptoms for FMS

I was diagnosed w/ FMS 8 years ago, but have had symptoms for many years before w/out knowing what it was associated with.
A month or so ago I was spending the day w/ my daughter out of town. I wore  a new pair of boots, and associated a small pain in my left foot as a blister forming.  Later in the day I got another pain in the tip of my left middle toe, and also associated that with the new boots. It was a busy day and night and into the evening during an awards ceremony, the back of my left knee was very tender to the touch, and I was wearing jeans. Just sitting there, the pain got worse!  I couldn't even touch it or bend my knee it felt as if it were on fire, NO pins and needles here, like it was burning for real!
I finally got home and took my boots off and socks and jeans, and there was NOTHING there!!!!!!  There may have been a little bit of pinkness to the skin, but no blisters, no scuff marks, nothing!!  I even had my husband look.
I had to put bandaids on the two places on my left foot so that I could wear shoes, and had to wear very light material for my leg.  The pain subsided after a week.
I chalked it up to FMS.  Today, however, I awoke w/ the same pain on the right side of my buttocks and my right foot arch.  This time the pain in the buttocks goes deeper than just the skin, and so does it on my foot.  It is constant not just to the touch this time.  
Is this something unrelated to FMS.  Of course there was nothing different in my daily activities etc. to warrant this new pain.

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I have what I think is the same thing that happens. I get spots, is what I call them. They are localized spots of tenderness. It hurts to touch them. I get them on my inner thighs, buttocks, shins, and bottom of my feeet. Oh and I know this may be TMI, but I get it on my labia.  I also get spots that seem to go deeper than the skin too. To me it feels like a stabbing knife pain.  I haven't been formally diagnosed with FM, but this is what I think is going on with me.  Been going to Dr.'s but with no real help :(
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In the past Ihave had something similar, in the heel of my6 hand, my big toe and my heel. However that was long before I was diagnosed with FM and i always attributed it to maybe a touch of gout, although no evidence of that was ever found. I also noted it would only get it if I ate certain foods or spent a long time in a new pair of shoes.
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those kinds of symptom in your (big) toes is a sign of Osteoarthritis. Talk to your Dr about your options....
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