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I'm having a rough day today, so maybe I'll tell you more about myself in the future. I know I need a stronger support system. My husband is very busy with the kids - my stepchildren.  I feel like our home is rather disorganized when my illness gets the better of me. I need to eat healthier and I've slipped on taking my meds (vitamin supplements in this case) lately.  I'm hoping that this group - this site - will keep me mindful of my health needs so that things don't get worse.  My doctor moved to Oregon, and I've been looking for one that is covered by our insurance.  I'm hoping that I can find a doctor that knows enough about autoimmune diseases that I can determine if I also have Sjögren’s Syndrome as well.
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Hi mcorrell98.
Let me assure you that there are numerous things you can do on your own
to improve.
In some cases the improvement can be dramatic.
Certainly it takes some discipline, which could be in short supply for many sufferers, as some of the symptoms seem to be so overwhelming, that may affect their motivation.
Please post some more details about your fibromyalgia, what supplements
you take,  other approaches, meds, fitness, typical diet , brief medical history and why you suspect  Sjögren’s Syndrome.
Hang in there. I can offer you many suggestions that hopefully will make a difference.
Looking forward to your reply.
Best wishes,

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