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Other Stuff causing pain besides fibro

I wonder if a ton of small  health problems could irritate the fibro pain?  My pain has shot through the roof and I don't move much from one spot day after day.  I've dropped 60 lbs and my doctor was alarmed and starting giving me blood test, mri's cat scans, The rapid weight loss triggered the tests but they have found low VitD, nodules on my thyroid, fibroid tumors, dialated bile ducts, lung nodules so now I'm being tested for some kind of immuno thing that allows me to get pneumonia 5 of the last six years as well as neuro damage to my legs, feet arms and hands.  I've seen an endo, neuro, gastro as well as my primary doctor who is sending me to a pain clinic in March as my rhuemy hasn't found a non narcotic to help the fibro.  This is all because of unintentional weight loss (that truly doesn't bother me near as much as the unrelenting pain of fibro.)  After the last bout of pnuemonia, my feet have been swelling too.  Can all this little stuff be irratating the fibro?  Has anyone else lost alot of weight from it?  
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I believe those things will make your problems worse. It may even be that those problems were causing the FMS symptoms and you don't have a 'true' case of FMS but it was the other things all along.

Taking good care of yourself is important. I've been underweight and it is really weird trying to eat high calorie foods. It is like you are going against society. I found adding fruit smoothies inbetween meals helped. One interesting one is frozen bananas, peanut butter, milk and molasses.Egg nog is another good one for calories. If you buy the pasteurized egg it is really easy to make. Another simple one is yogurt, frozen fruit and milk. Adding banana is good because with the weight loss you are probably deficient in potassium.

I hope you find the help you need. You have lots on your plate.
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Phtartist is probably spot on with her reply. The M. Pneumoniaie
is extremely suspect. Also Thyroid dysfunction is likely.
have this checked out as well. The problem with these undelying infectious conditions is that are able to mimic so many other conditions.
Please follow the advice above to get the right dx and treatment.

Meanwhile, treat your body like a sacred temple. As if your life depended on it. The best fresh organic food, no chemicals, no additives,no sugars, no white flour,no processed anything, no junk food,no sodas, no artificial sugars,no breads,check all the labels and ingredients, cosmetics check everything with the cosmetic database website, no cooking oils as they are deadly!!-free radicals, oxidation and inflammation causing.
Trust only extra virgin coconut oil in cooking. Look it up at the coconut research website. drink plenty of filtered or spring water not from plastic bottles. Go to the normal breathing web site to learn how to breath properly! Seriously! And it will make a huge difference. Improper breathing
can produce Lactic acid, spike asthma like symptoms-numerous consequences including lymphatic dysfunction. doctors never tell you this!
Low carb, low acid producing diet (look up ALkaline diet) will help greatly with pain issues -only exception is if you have many cognitive issues and ammonia in the brain is suspect-called leaky brain syndrome.
Only time low carb alkaline diets do not help as ammonia is alkaline and it feeds the LBS.
Supplement with the best quality supplements, not cheap brands on sale full of fillers and ingredients that put extra load on your body to process, detox and eliminate. Do a heavy metals detox. Check your meds for interactions. Do not trust your dr and pharmacist to do it!
Do a search for "drug interactions checker" and you will get the same info many professionals use.
And distress! Use hypnosis, meditation everyday- with CDs if you need. Stress is worse that poisonous toxins in your body!
Let me know if you need more details.
Wish you well.
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Hi, as soon as I read your post I had to comment.
Have you been tested for Mycoplasma bacteria? The reoccurring pneumonia is an indication you may have one of the Mycoplasmas, M.Pneumonaie. This is often a coinfections to Lymes disease, Babesia etc, I suggest you find a LLD- Lyme literate doctor and get properly tested for these life stealing illnesses!
I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 12ish years ago and it turned out I had Lymes all along!  They mimic each others symptoms.
Best wishes with this!!
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