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I don't know if this is a myalgia question or fibromyalgia question, but I recently was in Thailand and have been back for a few weeks.  Anyways, I have had pretty bad myalgia to the point where I am popping pills left and right and just freaking out at the amount of cramping pain...no matter how much I stretch or how much water I drink I feel like my muscles and joints are tight and not working.  RIGHT now my left hand is beginning to throb with pain!

So I was curious, and this MAY not be the correct forum, but what type of illnesses have myalgia as a symptom?  I have been back from Thailand for 3-4 weeks and this started last week.  Food or water borne, stds, airborne etc.  Thanks for any and all help!

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I would suspect some kind of bacterial or viral infection because it came on rather suddenly. There are a lot of illness that have myalgia as a symptom, however. You should seek advice from your healthcare provider to rule out anything serious.

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ree thanks,
Just curious do you have any bacterial infection ideas?  Or virus ideas of what it might be?  Im getting tested for hepatitis, HIV, Gargia, what else? Thanks
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Lyme disease can cause all of those symptoms.  You could have been bitten by tick before you left and not known it.  Or even since you came back.  It's hard to know.  You could even have just picked up a virus somewhere.
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Lyme Disease is a good thought.  Also if you do an internet search and type in "wikipedia", then type "myalgia", It will list a whole bunch of illnesses.
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my pain is moving arround the body pain is move after 2to 3 days how i cure please give me tips
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Any update on  how you got better?
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