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Pain after exercise

Hi, anyone else with FM who has trouble with pain after exercise?  Especially with weight lifting, and I mean very LIGHT weight lifting, like a 5 lb. weight.  I get SO SORE after this, it's ridiculous.  And the soreness lasts for days.  Also, I do the stationary bike and elliptical and my hips and low back hurt from that.  I go in the pool to swim and my shoulders hurt.  

The doctor says to exercise, and I always have, I have worked out my whole life, 20 years in this gym, but now I find that I have so much pain from anything I do.  I also do stretches, but it doesn't seem to help. I need to lose weight for my health and the osteoarthritis in my knees, but it's hard to get enough execise with the pain I have now.
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Hello Cindee,

Yes......all the doctors want us to excercise, but it is not always possible in our condition.
Try to pace yourself a bit and not take on all the exercises you mentioned above in one go, see if it is going to make any difference.for you.

I know my fms craves for stretching after I slowly eased in to it (for me, uh..., took about 2 yrs) to ease my pains.  I do little less during my 'bad' days..

Take care,

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I hear you.
I rarely feel better after exercising, so i tend to go and sit in the sauna for a good while after doing any (my usual 6-8 lengths of the pool is enough for me!)

It really is hit and miss with exercising i think, which is all the more reason to take it easy.
Only one that doesn't mess me up is Yoga, am getting more flexible after 2 years of going once a week, pain a little better, i mean not much, but every little helps.

Swimmings probably your bet bet, maybe aqua aerobics or pilates?
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YOGA helped me too.  Like you said, Mega_Tron, every little bit helps.

Oooooooo....aqua aerobics?  I tried it for a month, I love water, but boy oh boy, it also made me very dizzy in the pool.

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Slow and careful is key. Yoga one or two poses a day, aqua excercise only if it's warm water and you don't get a chill when you finish.  I couldn't even do as much as the seniors in yoga and aqua.   When drs say to exercise they don't mention ( or understand) that you have to start slow like a snail and if you didn't sleep or the weather is bad, or you had caffine and many others etc... exercise may not be good at the moment.  2 min. on the bike (slow speed), walk down a few stairs, fold some towels and your done for the day.  You need to listen to your body very carefully and don't overdue or underdue anything.  I'm still angry with my body because it doesn't act like it used to-and if I don't get over that, I'll be stuck in bad place.  Educate yourself like on this forum or webmd symptoms and diseases etc.  There is so much to learn.  Best wishes to you.
I think this was the best comment yet.  I go to my Yoga class and do the best I can for 1 1/2 hours - it really is too much but I don't feel it until a day or two afterwards and then can hardly do anything for the rest of the week.  It ***** and I also am very angry at my body - but this is the reality.  Going extra slowly seems to be the only key.  And caring for yourself in every other way as well.
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Thank you all for the answers.  It's interesting because I was doing some research on FM the web, and one medical site said to exercise for AN HOUR EVERY DAY!  That's a lot.  I used to do an hour 6 days a week, but I was much younger and a lot slimmer and had no physical problems.  I think with this disease, an hour every day is ridiculous!

I do about 45 minutes 4 times a week of mild/moderate exercise on a good week!  And I still get sore.
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That's a DEFINATE! I have pain and soreness when I don't do anything but especially if I try to excercise or even most days house work. I too used to be very active and now can hardly do anything without spending the next 3 or 4 days in bed. (I am only 38 and have been going through this for 10 yrs now.) Don't know of any help but wish you all the luck. God Bless!
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I have fibro also, and every time I do Pilates, I have a major episode of pain, that lasts between 3- 5 days. My muscles have major spasms and they are all jammed. What's the best for me, is what keeps my muscles warmed up, such as the elliptic machine, and then some Zumba. Anything that is like a dance.
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