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Pain and swelling under arm

I had a car wreck 2 yrs. ago.  Originally, there were no symptoms.  Then, I had horrible back pain that was eventually helped through massage.  Soon, I developed frozen shoulders in both shoulders.  Eventually, that mostly went away.  Now, I have swelling under my left arm that comes and goes and sometimes has pain around my shoulder with pain and numbness going down my arm.  I also have tingling in my shoulder that has been there ever since the wreck.  I had a mammogram in the spring before I first had the swelling in the summer.  
I'm not sure where to start with my questions, but I have heard that fibromyalgia can start from something like this.  
I have also had a daily headache on the right side that has been diagnosed as a type of neuralgia.

I'm wondering if anyone else has had these type of symptoms?  I have found no reference of pain and swelling under arms after a frozen shoulder, but the symptoms just seem to keep changing in this arm.  I know I need to go to the doctor, but everytime the swelling goes away I put it off.
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After looking through the other posts, I realized I forgot to mention I have had IBS for many years and also have terrible sleep problems.
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hey i have pain and burning under my arms ibs and alot of other things feels like cancer sounds ya know??? i was scared for a long time but all test came back neg?? i thought i had breast cancer cause the pain under the armpit but it too came back _ so i guess its fibro 4 me :-{
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did you ever find out what is wrong?  i have the same thing.  i have had mri, ct scan, mamo, and sonograms...(all the grams) and they tell me they cant find anything.  The pain is intense, especially at night. pain, swelling, tingling, sometimes burning down my arm or shoulder... I have not figured out if it is cuz i am finally still enough to think about it more or if it gets worse the longer i use my left arm.  No wit is starting on my right arm too....please let me knwo if you have any more information?? what is IBS?
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