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Pain every WHERE

Ok im 29 I broke my neck when I was 22 anyways idk if these pains have anything to do with that but here's what's going on.. I get diffrent types of pain here they are ok I get these pains that feel like I'm being stabbed I get it in diffrent spots randomly I even get them in the inside of my vagina and butt I get them in my toes fingers legs arms every where.  Then I get these pains that feel like blood is running down my leg or arms but on the inside .. Then there's these pains I get that feels like my inside of my body is in dry ice . some times I can't even walk when these pains appare or I can't move my arms. Some times the pain feels like contratcions but in different parts of my body it really ***** . other times it feels like diffrent parts of my body is being squeezed by a blood pressure cuff please anyone know what it may be? Im going to see a rheumatologist in 2 weeks
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It sounds more of a neurological and possibly adrenal issue than one related to rheumatology, however it could involve any or all of these.
Things to rule out:
1.  PTSD or chronic mental and/or biological (hidden) stress.
Adrenal stress profile - FYI as a ref. visit BioHealth Labs site.
2. Spinal cord compression abnormalities
3. Nutritional deficiencies such as: Methylocobalamin B12 (neurological and bioavailable form of B12-need to have MMA test for this), tissue levels of magnesium (not serum), vitamin D, cholesterol
(low cholesterol affects hormone synthesis and neurological function)
4. Neurotransmitter dysregulation/imbalance.
5. Low thyroid function. (FreeT3, Free T4 and Reverse T3 tests)
If you need any details regarding the above let me know.
Best wishes,
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