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Pain in the neck and shoulder areas constantly

I have constant pain in my shoulders and neck area, I have intermittent tingling, numbness in the hands, arms, legs areas. I had a dx of fibromyalgia back in 2008 or so. I am on Cymbalta 60 mg, Neurotin 900mg, Prilosec, Zyrtec, and Veramyst. I have had severe pain this month non-stop  and been on Hydrocodone. I have seen a pain specialist and had a MRI and it came back fine, He banged on my head and did other tests on my strength and after several weeks of injections over two months period time and that not helping he released me and states that there is nothing that he can do for me and implies that I may be depressed. My family physician and discussed this and disagree with his diagnosis I was on Prozac and she didn't think that was the problem. We changed to Cymbalta what he suggested and no results, then neurotin was added and no help. They increased the neurotin and have no luck so far. Drowsy, dizzy and in pain. I just seen a rheumatologist and he seemed like a dip and treated me like nothing was wrong with me and that I would need a second opinion anyways, because he didn't think that he could help me. He sent me to have lab work, I am talking at least six vials full. So my question is there anyone out there that has had something similar to what I have going on and if they have received any help?
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ohmygosh how frustrationg - and how 'depressing'! i have gotten that too - people thinking you're not doing things because you're depressed! - when it's more like you're depressed cause you can't do anything!!! they're are right about the depression - but WHO WOULDNT BE after all this pain! it's mindboggling when a 'healthcare professional' says this!
my pain is on a lesser scale but noone has answers so i'm concerned it might not get better on it's own.
there is also a pain management forum that you might find helpful if you're not already in it.
i don't want to sound like i'm making a useless suggestion but I've found it helped for me, to cut out dairy. we have an autoimmune condition sk react to things like proteins in food. if you cut out wheat and dairy it might help. trial it for 2 weeks or 3.
this means you CAN eat potato, corn, rice, eggs, oats. coconut milk.. just to name a few. i've also discovered filtered water in the last couple years. good stuff  
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My fibromyalgia started with a similar pain to you and it sounds like you are having a bad flare.  Some of what has help me:

- sleep - get as much as possible and ensure you are sleeping on a pillow that supports your neck and head properly - when you lay on your side your head should be in a straight position on the pillow with the pillow supporting the neck and shoulder area

- try to find ways to reduce stress

- massage - my massage therapist does myofascial release on me and it helps immensely

- I've been on Lyrica and Remeron for depression - they have both helped but has not eliminated

- put alternating hot and cold packs on the area

- look into TMJ issues - if you have it your dentist can fit you for an appliance - clenching or grinding the teeth can cause the jaw pain to go down your neck into your arm and shoulder.

- take ibuprofen around the clock to help with the inflammation

Hope you get some relief soon.
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Stress is a big problem for me. I have to children and lost my job when I was seven months pregnant with him. I have tried doing in home day care and then started a full-time job and worked there for a month and a half and then the place went out of business.

Iv'e tried massage, acupuncture, and excercise and nothing has helped. I have periods of time when the pain goes away and then bam back again and at a force that is to be reckened with. I do use the hot and cold packs and do try to do the excercises that the physical therapist recommended. I have bought a theracane and pillow to try to help with the sleeping, but nothing seems to help. I stay up late at night reading, because I cannot sleep or know that that pain will still be there in the morning may affect that too.
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I feel your pain.  I went through this all.  In 2000 I had some severe issues with my arms hands and some in my neck.  They diagnosed me with tendonies.  Which I possible have.  I just feel the pain more severly than others because I have Fibro.  I feel all pain more severly than other because of Fibro.  I was once told that Physcosmatic which now they call fibro its all in your head.  They say.  It just might be, in theroy.  In our brain a connection is miss firing at making the nerves react to pain that is not nesseraly there.  ie.  feeling like you broke your foot.  And some docs just don't understand.  It takes a good while to find a doc who will understand.  I went through like 3 docs in KY before I found one that not only understand but would listen to what my pain was.  Even thought there is not much that they can do to help.  Unfortantly that is they way it is.  All you can do is try different things.  Like taking different foods out of your diet.  Trying to do some sort of exersise.  I know its hard.  I can't even begin to walk around walmart  and after about 5-10 mins I am limping in pain.  I take pain killers those for me see to help the best.  When I wake up I take one that usually gets me thought the first few hours.  And take some heavy dutie sleeping pills so that way I can get some good kind of rest.  On top of it being hard to just fall alseep from the ache pain.  And Its not just getting 8 hours of sleep that helps it the GOOD 8 hours of Sleep you get.  I acutlly really need 10 hours of GOOD sleep to even feel right.  Sorry I ramble.  it is so disturbing to me sometimes this damn fibro.  
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I feel so very sorry for you. As has been said, would the ignorant doctors not feel depressed being in constant pain and suffering exhaustion trying to deal with that and bringing up two kids etc. ? Could you not go back to the person who diagnosed you at first and ask if there's a specialist in that field you could see? Or, if it was a specialist, go back to him/her?
Your current GP must have the notes from that time. If you'd twisted your ankle they'd all be sympathetic. it makes me so angry.
The trouble with this condition is that we don't have the strength to be as assertive as we should be so we're treated how we present: Like a wilting wallfower.
Gather your strength and insist on specialist help.
Also, you know your own body and if they've given you stuff which makes you feel even more rubbish, don't take it and demand something else.
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