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Pain relief

Has anyone found anything that really helps with the pain with fybromyalgia?
I have tried celebrex, Lyrica, Cymbalta and Savella and none of these provide me with any relief. The only thing that helps is Oxycontin, but drs. are relunctant to prescribe on an ongoing basis. Any suggestions would be really appreciated.
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I have a few things I use for pain relief. Lyrica,Cymbalta, Ciprlex are the 3 main drugs. I also have IMS, massage and Osteopathic treatments done regularly. Have you tried any of these?
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I am in the same boat. The savella side effects were so bad that I am afraid to try lyrica or cymbalta. I rely on one or two painkillers a day that I get from other sources besides my rheumy. He doesn't prescribe pain meds thanks to all of the stupid new laws in florida. I am going to see a new rheumy next week that can hopefully help me because I wake up in severe pain and it lasts all day. I am not comfortable with self medicating but I can"t live in total pain either. The oxycodone does wonders and I make sure I go a few days a week with taking nothing so as to not let my body get used to it. On those days I usually end up having a vodka or wine by late afternoon to take away some of the pain.
Anyway, I will let you know what my new doctor suggests next week! :)
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I take gabapentin (similar to Lyrica but an older drug) and Flexeril.  That combo works very well for me.  The other thing that helped me that I wasn't convinced about at first is doing some light strength training). It hurt a LOT at first with the 5-pound weights, but after a couple of weeks, my pain level decreased tremendously. I hope you feel better soon!
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