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Please help i need someone to listed to me

I will make this short and sweet.
2 years ago: started having burning sensations in the tops of thighs and hip area when i would lay down to go to bed
had a fall ( woke up in morning walked 15 feet to bathroom and simply fell on the floor because i could not feel my legs)
1 year ago: head ache right sided lasted 2 weeks and caused very blurred vision in right eye after for a few days
went to states to visit family and did not have a bowel movement for nearly 10 days thought it was just due to the travel.

since april this year: electric shock sensations, burning in various areas, muscle cramps in calves (like charlie horses just not as severe)bowel disturbances like recently i had a bowel movement that came out like water then 5 days later had another BM regular though then 9 days later i am not sure what this was but i all of a sudden had this sharp shooting sensations in my rectum came like waves hurt so bad went to try and have BM and was unable to control my bowels ( i could not push ) had to wait for BM to come out on its own after which the pain continued for and hour or so. since this episode i have not gone and it has been 5 days so far.

I should say that i recently became sick with a sinus chest and throat infection and prior to my illness was taking nortriptyline 10mg at bedtime which was working well there were even times i forgot was it was like to have pain. but since getting sick symptoms came back with avengence. eg. my bowel movements as i mentioned above as well as cramping in my legs it feels like a charlie horse just not as severe. the shocks came back much worse as well. and i can tell you that it hurts just to type this and i am having burning down my left neck and top of shoulder area.

previously i did also have 1 electric shock sensation up my spine but only one. however there was an incident where i was awoken from my sleep and felt as though something lifted my shoulders up off the bed and slammed them down i believe this may have been a reaction to a shock sensation in my spine.

The doctor thought that all of this was my back when i have no back pain sent me for a bone scan CT scan and x-ray all came back fine with the exception of a slight protrusion in my L5-S1 area but nothing out of normal range. sent me to see a neuro who only wanted to test my hands and did not want to hear any of my symptoms. her exam was very minimal and reported that i have anxiety !!! i am awaiting currently for a second opinion. a recent trip to the ER indicated that i have a slight delayed reaction in my ankle jerk reflex it took him 4 hits to get a reaction and even then it was someone slight. he put me on lyrica and i hope it works he said that my nortriptyine 10mg at night still might work but with the pain i was in i wanted to try something else but not a narc.

anyhow i guess this was not short but i am frustrated and would like someone to look at my symptoms and help me figure out what is wrong. everything seems to point to MS.

thank you sincerely
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Regaardless if it's considered to be MS or could be something else, because of the fall U should have had an MRI to determine if the fall caused any injury.Also I am glad to hear u say u r going for a second opinion. Medhelp has many different forums.....one for fibro,chiari....and each has health pages with info on the condition...please refer to the pages to compare ur symptoms to have at the ready for ur next consult.

Good luck
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Thank you and i know i should have gone but i have been misdiagnosed before ( i had bacterial meningitis and was sent home with perc's finally went to emerge i could have died any way for me i have to been seiously in pain or have something happen a few times before i consider going to the doctor. i know this is a bad thing but i have little trust.

thank you so much for your reply
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To me this sounds spinal fluid related.  The burning, the sharp pains, the involuntary movements to me all point to an irritation in the spinal area.  

To test for MS all you need to have is an MRI of the brain.  There are certain changes in the brain that take place in people who have the illness.

MRI's, X-rays and CT's do not show nerves. Drawing spinal fluid and testing for inflammation or disease plus testing your blood for elevated white cells  will tell you what is going on.

Best of luck with this.
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Your case is different than mine but 15 years ago i also fell in the bathroom and my lower back was swollen for weeks. x-rayed showed nothing and I've also been on Nortriptyline but side effect was severe dry mouth and I hated waking up several times a night just to take a sip of water then again to the bathroom. I've been on Lyrica for sometime now and it stabilizes my condition but doesn't improve or cure it. I know I'm not much of help here but I do relate to you to some degree and I wish you well and you get better soon.

You're not alone!!
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You can have a back problem and not feel pain there.  The pain would be called 'displacement' pain.  I have degenerative arthritis and I don't feel it in my back, but in my hip and thigh.  The passing out and shock sensations points to something neurological going on, but that doesn't mean it's MS.  Whatever it is, it is causing you great distress and yes...anxiety.  You said you would wait for something to happen a few times before going to a doctor.  When you could no longer feel your legs and fell...that was probably a good time to go.  

I'm going with Selma on this and say that an MRI is probably what you would need to ask about.  A neurologist would be the person to see and I pray you can get to one soon, before something else happens so you aren't seriously injured.  Please be safe and take care of yourself.

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thankn you for your support

this last week has been horrible, i have developed some sores in my nose and then the pain came back the shocks are wicked i am even now getting them in my hands. when i am working because it involves walking and bending ( im a PSW/HCA) anyway when i am moving i have constant shocks as well as when i am not but when i stop and stand for a minute i feel like my legs are in total spasm then tigheten right up and hurt so bad. also lately i am finding myself falling to the side alot walking or standing. when i am walking its like i just start leaning to one side and its like my brain is telling my body one thing and im trying to do anotherl. well i am waiting until wed for my doc appointment to have my nose checked out. i waited because my work is on my but about my absences and i have to meet with the big boss today. i have union rep going with me i cant tell them what is happening because we have 4 kids and i so desparately need my job. but that is not your problem. when i go to the doctors i am going to demand and MRI they are free there for us in ontario so i hope that i can get one before my neurology appointment. again thank you and i will keep you posted.
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oh yeah and i dont have artheritis or any bone problems or back problems that was the first thing the doctor checked. i only have a slight protrusion of my L5-S1 but it was not out of the normal range.
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Employers can be so frustrating, esp. when one has a chronic illness.  Under the FMLA, you are entitled to 12 wks. of leave for your family or yourself and it protects your job.  Bad part is, they don't have to pay you for this time off.  

I have balance issues also, and it does make me feel that I am walking sideways sometimes.  I lose my balance quite often.  It's a horrible feeling.

Wishing you the best at your appt. on Wednesday.  Hope you can get some answers soon.
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so i went to my doctors and my nurse practitioner gave me **** for not coming in sooner and also set me up to see the doctor. so the doctor talked with me a little and then asked to see how i walked. so i did the one foot in front of the other and he asked me if that was normal for me and i told him when i was young and drank i used to joke because i could do that no problem while inebriated. then he had me stand with my feet together and my arms straight ahead and i kept having to correct my balance it wasnt alot but i guess it was enough for him to say that my balance was a concern so an MRI is being set up I didnt even have to ask for it and he ran a bunch more blood tests including that for lyme so i will wait and see what comes of that though i am fully expecting it to be normal.

Question though
can the flu shot exacberate symptoms

thank you
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