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Pregnancy and Fibromyalgia?

Does anyone know about FMS and Pregnancy? DH and I are trying to conceive second and we both worry that it will make FMS much worst.  Has pregnancy made anyone worst, from what I have been reading it sounds like it can actually get much better during pregnancy, is this true?
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I did not have Fibro when I was pregnant  so I have no idea on this one but I hope not for your sake its funny because the only time I every felt really well was during my pregnancy I want what every hormone one get during pregnant now.

Good luck
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I'm sure that I had FMS when I was carrying (long ago)...but I don't recall any real problems other than I developed high blood pressure during the end stages.  This link relates to others who have posted regarding this issue.  It may help you gain answers to some of your concerns.

Take care and God Bless.
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Thanks for your posts and links they have been very helpful.  It sound like I have a chance to rid my self of this monster for a few months if I get my BFP this month.  I understand that the body releases a hormone called relaxin which should help with the pain of FMS I wil keep you posted on this matter if I here the good news.
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Yes, I had it while I was pregnant, both times.  I've heard it said that the pain eases up during pregnancy, and while I waited breathlessly for it, it never quite happened.  In fact, the pain was worse, as was the fatigue, but I was so scared of the meds I took as little as possible.  
   If you don't have access to a warm pool, find one.  That was the only time I had any relief, when i was laying in the warm water.
   The most important things are first, make sure any medicines you might be taking are as safe as possible for the baby.  If you are able to go without then do so.  Second, research which medicines react poorly with Fibro when you are in labor.  
   Don't assume your doctor knows how your Fibro impacts the baby's birth.  It is a mistake I made that I will regret for a long time...every time I remember my third child's birth.  Twins birth was less painful if you can believe it.
   Fibro tends to increase the pain of delivery.  If you plan on having an epidural let your doctor know you might have a high tolerance to the medicine.  With my youngest they gave me a double dose, and it had absolutely no effect.  I might as well have done it 'natural'.  Yet with the twins the epidural worked fine.  
   It might make a difference how long you've had your fibro.  With the twins I was still 'cycling', it was in the beginning stages.  With my youngest it was in full throttle, I had intense pain and fatigue.
   I don't know if that helps...
   Good luck with everything!

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