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Psoriatic Arthritis

I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis 4 years ago and have been on 200mg Plaquenil twice daily, I have taken medication for hypertension (IrbesartanHCT 300/12.5 & Adalat 20mg)and high cholesterol (Simvastatin 40mg)for 20 years, whilst the Plaquenil does not make me pain free. it has made it manageable. I have been travelling around the country for almost 4 years so visiting the doctor has been sporadic, recently I visited the doctor regarding pain in both shoulders and tenderness in both hips and pressure pain across the back of my head, she said she suspected polymyalgia but no tests were done she prescribed  Celebrex 100mg, after taking them for 10 days my blood pressure increased and I was put on the previously mentioned Adalat, after talking to a chemist he advised me that the Celebrex increased blood pressure so I discontinued them.
A few days ago I washed the car and the next day my shoulder was extremely painful, the pain went away after a few days but I am left with a pain on the lower right hand side of my head, it is bearable except when I bend over or reach for something, I am unable to lay on that side of my head.
I don't like to admit this but in the last 3 months I have had trouble remembering some words, for example I was trying to say the word laundry but couldn't remember it and had to say "the place you wash the clothes"
I do not want to go on steroids but am starting to run out of options or are there other options?
My question is really about the pain in my head and what it possibly be.
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Hi angelap5119.

Your medications are probably accelerating your aging much faster than your conditions and nature itself.

While symptom management using prescribed or otc medications
is a necessary evil in some cases, the gradual long term effects
have not be studied effectively, because it is impossible to establish a
solid co-relation. In other words, the long term intake of medications cannot be linked to  a new condition, a new symptom or worsening symptoms, with so many variables over such a long period of time.

Now, in your case with statin intake, there has been no scientific proof that
lowering your cholesterol has anything to do with improved cardiovascular health. Cardiovascular disease is caused by inflammation.
And if you look deeper into what LDL and HDL are, you will find that they are delivery systems!
The cholesterol myth is like a 40-50 year old broken record.
Staitin drugs are a very dangerous class of drugs and they are probably contributing to your suffering as they can cut up to 50% of your body's
cholesterol production, which cholesterol is ABSOLUTELY necessary for hormone production and BRAIN function!!!
Also statins interfere with the liver's ability to produce Co-enzyme Q10,
vital in energy (mitochondrial) production and possibly connected to HBP,
as the heart and cardiovascular system have huge energy demands in order to function properly.
You van lower your HBP on your own in most cases, but it's difficult to tell
how much you can succeed to lower it while on statins.
I don't know the exact mechanism of systolic and diastolic pressure  dysregulation effects from statins other than the lower Co-Q10, but I'll look into it.

Myself, I have not and will never look into my cholesterol levels as I know it iis not a factor, even if CVD runs in my family
II control my blood pressure, by staying on a very healthy diet of fresh and organic vegetables, pastured meat and free range chicken, low merc fish
few whole grains , some fruit and some legumes/seeds/nuts and a lot of
coconut oil for cooking and olive oil for drizzling over my salads.
I also use specific key suppements of high quality.
The only  really bad form of cholesterol a sub-type of LDL comes from carbs, so a low carb diet  helps.
I also mention low carb diet for Fibro in a thread a started last year*
ACV (apple cider vinegar) the raw unfiltered type is good for HBP.

I keep active doing low impact exercise, walking , biking, hiking, low to medium weight training, stretching, gentle bouncing on trampoline etc.

Connecting with nature, meditation  (deep conscious breathing for meditation is great)and self-hypnosis help me stayed tuned up. lol!

I have walked away form conventional medicine a LOOOONG time ago and since then I have been the healthiest possible.
Again, I have studied health and wellness to "death", so I can apply this
knowledge and take care of myself for anything that is not a medical emergency like a serious injury for example.
So I'm not suggesting you do the same.

Psoriatic arthritis is a condition with a HUGE inflammatory component.
I have done a study on PsA  with a  substitute natural treatment protocol
to biologics (the newer class of drugs for RA, PsA, Crohn's etc that are immunomodulators) without the side effects.
You are welcome to this information, but you need to work with a Naturpopathic Doctor  or equivalent.

Also if you need natural remedies  and suggestions for Fibro,
search here under the thread*  IWILLDOTHIS  in this community.

Note: I hope this is helpful, however, it is not intended as a substitute for medical advice.

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