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Question fibromyalgia diagnosis

I was diagnosed last year with RA because of a positive Rheumatoid factor, and persistent elevated sed rates and CRP.  The Rheumatoid factor was low, just 20.  My first rheumatologist diagnosed RA and prescribed me methotextrate and sulfasalazine.  The methotextrate alone did nothing for my symptoms, so sulfasalzine was added.  Both medications did not for my symptoms.  My symtpoms are primarily muscle pain, sometimes burning pain (like sunburn) in muscles of thighs when sitting for long periods of time, and a feeling of swelling in my hands.  I should mention that I have 2 cervical herniated discs with cord compression.  I never had joint pain, sometimes my ankles or knees will hurt, but nothing major.  My primary pain is muscle pain & stiffness mainley in my neck and back which feels as if I have had an intense workout.  I switched rheumatologist, and my new rheumatolist does not feel I have RA  (CCP was negative) as I do not have the typical symtoms.  She feels I have fibromyalgia .  She initially prescribed Flexeril which did nothing for me.  She now is recommending PT for the neck/back muscle pain, and Cymbalta for the fibromyalgia.  I am fearful of taking this as I hear some bad things about withdrawal symptoms.  She still has me taking the Methotextrate until she can completely rule out RA.  Lupus and thryoid autoimmune disorders have been ruled out.  I should mention I have a very low vitimin D level (5), and have been placed on a vitamin supplement.  I am confused about the fibromyalgia diagnosis.  I still continue to have elevated sed rate and CRP.  I thought fibromyalgia did not cause these rates to be elevated.  Also, from everything I read about fibromyalgia, the pain is intense, more like a nerve pain, and someone will hurt even if they are touched.  My pain is more like a muscle pain and stiffness. Are there different degrees of fibromyalgia?  Does fibromyalgia cause the feeling of swollen hands?  I am very confused with my diagnosis, and don't want to take the Cymbalta just yet, until I at least start PT to see if that makes me feel any better.  I appreciate any help I can get!  Thank you.
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i tested +ve for a rheumatoid factor, but haven't got RA. but i get the feeling of swollen joints in the hands. they are notswollen to look at. havent been diagnosed w fibro but i have general bearable allover discomfort and muscular pain. anyway i find when i exclude cows milk and cheese from diet, the inflamed feeling is much reduced... it seems to be a distinct link for me, just letting you know in case it works for you. i've largely cut out wheat products also and feel it's helped. i also have thyroid autoimmune problem which has settled
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Do you have psoriasis, even a little that may go unnoticed cos I spent 2 years listening to docs telling me I had cfs which I consider a symptom of an undiagnosed condition rather than a condition itself and then one day after a rheumatologist asked me about rashes I realised that tiny blisters which broke out every 8 weeks or thereabouts could be psoriasis. Turns out they were mild pustular psoriasis but it was significant because I got my proper diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis. Not a good thing to have but better than a syndrome they know nothing about and have no treatment for! Did you have a course of steroids anytime and if so, did they help? You obviously have something going on but you may have to push for answers, unfortunatly it seems doctors prefer to move on to the easier to diagnose patients no matter what country we live in.
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