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Relationship between fibro & cervical spine injection

Is there any relationship between depression, fibromyalgia and a cervical spine injection (nerve block)?  I recently went through a nerve block procedure and have been feeling more depressed.  The procedure (for me) was very painful and I seem to be having a hard time recovering.  Can it be related?
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I have not felt right since my heart ablation last March.  It was a verrrry stressful procedure that I was awake for and was strapped to the tabel for 6 hours.  I also could feel when they ablated which the doctor said has never herd of before.  The whole thing was horrible and I really belive the stress of everything triggered this.  Just my opinion.  
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I have had the spinal nerve blocks as well and it can be quite painful.  

I can only state my experience with both surgeries and sedation...it takes twice as long as someone who does not have FMS/CFS to recover.  I do not do well with any form of anesthesia or pain medication and it takes forever to wear off (and typically doesn't do much for the pain in the long run).  I also know that some experience a spinal headache from this procedure (worse than a migraine).  Sedation, itself, tends to make me feel blue and tearful.  It should wear off in a few days.  If not, please contact your doctor or his nurse to discuss your symptoms.

Take care.
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