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Hello, My dr wants me to try Sevella. If you have tried it or know anything about this Medication
Can you Please let me know?

Thank You Terri
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I took Savella for about 6 months. Let me say the initial side effects were rough - body sweats, and heart palpitations were pretty bad at time.  I continued to endure through and about 6 weeks into taking it, the side effects were much less regular and easier to deal with.

Now as far as relief goes - I did get some pretty instant pain relief!  So much so that I was on this same board singing its praises.  Fast Forward 6 months and the pain relief wasn't working for me.  I started feeling poorly all over again and all my Dr. could say was to increase my dose.  Uh, no thank you... the increased dose was what gave me the severe side effects.  The dose that seemed to work for me was 25mg once per day.

After my last Dr/s visit I decided enough was enough.  I wasn't really sure if Savella was helping or not so I stopped taking it.  Not to mention the Rx is about $60 a months with my Insurance and with that added to all of the other medications, I thought it was crazy to take something that I was pretty sure wasn't helping me.

I was right, at least for the time being ...I didn't go through any bad withdrawals, as I had expected and it obviously wasn't helping me - I don't feel any worse or better.  Just have $60 more in my pocket each month.  :)

So with all of this said - I would recommend you give it a trial - use the Titration pack from the Dr's office and see what it does for you, but if you don't notice any big improvment you can stop.  At this point I think we are all searching for that majic pill to make the pain go away, maybe Savella is that pill for you?

Good Luck!
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Hi, my ins will not pay for Lyrcia but it will not pay for this one either she gets alot of sample of Savella so she is planning on getting them to me. It really ***** dr can not do there jobs cuz of Ins not paying for the drugs that work.

Thank you, Terri
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That seems to be what a few people have told it helps for awhile and then not really.

thank you
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I have been taking Savella since July and have had no side effects that I know of. I take other meds too. But not sure it is necessarily helping me all that much either so I am going to talk to doctor to see about getting off of it. I would like to get my list of meds down and I think that is one that I could get off of. The only thing I would like though, is to have some kind of med for pain when it gets really bad, not small everyday pain, but the bad stuff. So, you could try it and see what it does for you. I know initially I thought it was making a big difference, Now, I am not so sure. Let us know!
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i found the best medicine that worked for my fibromyalgia pain was lyrica but with my sleep apnea its hard for me to take lyrica because it can make you totally relaxed
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Have you had a look here?:


There is lots of helpful information about common side effects for the drug, and also links to many other locations where the drug is being discussed online.  It was a helpful source for me.  Just drill down into any of the side effects to view the links back to original forum discussions where the side effect was extracted.
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All people are different and everyone can react differently to the same medication, so please only take this information as my personal experience.

I, myself, was not able to use Savella.  I did try it for my fibro, but was not able to continue it after just a couple of doses.  It made me EXTREMELY hyper, made my heart race, nauseas, bad headaches and actually made my pain worse.  I had the same type of reaction to Cymbalta.

I have, however, heard of several people on these forums who have or are using it and are getting good results from it without all those side effects that I experienced.  So, as I said, everyone is different and can react differently to the same medication.

Did your doctor give you any information about the medication - what to expect from it, side effects, etc.,?  A good person to talk to about medications and their possible side effects, etc., would be your pharmacist.  They are a wealth of knowledge in these areas.  I also quite often use the website drugs.com - I find it very informative and helpful.

These two suggestions are simply additional tools where you may be able to find out some information about your medications - not in any way meant that you can't or shouldn't post questions here at medhelp.  We hope you'll stay active here and ask whatever questions you may have.

Best of luck!
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