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does anyone else suffer from frequent sciatica?
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   Right after having my knee replacement, I had a horrible time with sciatica. It was so bad the OS thought that I might have had RSD. Scared me to death. My pain doctor at the time gave me 2 lumbar injections and no more sciatica. Or I hope anyway. I have severe pain in my lower limbs a lot, so I really can't tell if it is truely gone or not, I have to hope.

gentle hugs
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I've recently began to have lower back pain along with hip pain and some type of nerve problems with my leg.  I'm not sure if it's sciatica or not.  Also having facilitations in the sole of my foot.  I have RSD in my other leg, from the knee down, and it's horrible.

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thank you so much! I've been having frequent problems with the right side of my lower back  and pain that travels down my right leg. it's been constant for at least 4-5 days now, maybe more. I've been having problems with sciatic nerve pain on and off (on my right side) for a while, but it always comes up, bugs me for a bit and then goes away. I've never really been in a constant state though....I haven't injured myself or done any lifting...or even a lot of driving lately for that matter...I'm perplexed as to why i cant get rid of it this time. it's driving me crazy! I rested, had a 3 day weekend and it still just hurts. Oy, I hope it clears up soon. Thank you for the input and kind thoughts!
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I'm sorry to hear that Lowen.  I know it's so painful.  If the problem is due to arthritis or disk disease it will only worsen as the bones degenerate.  If it hasn't gotten better please contact your doctor.  I had pain like that and it would clear up then come back, and later they discovered endometrosis and a fibroid.  Please take care of yourself and I pray you feel better soon.
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Following hip replacement in 2005 I have gradually developed sciatic pain that runs down my leg into the foot. Two different Doctors say nothing is wrong with my back. I had piriformis muscle cut loose but this didn't help. Any idea whats going on. Any pressure on the right buttock starts the aching pain so I have to sleep on my left side. I read recently that the leg with the replacement hip may be longer and causing the pain. Is this possible and do you have any ideas.???
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