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Severe Muscle Cramps from Fibro?

I have had Fibromyalgia and CFS for 20 years.  Has anyone had any problems with SEVERE muscle cramps and is it from the Fibro?  Mine always hit the inside thigh muscle and are as bad as labor pains.  They actually build and release just like a contraction.  They are severe enough to make my cry and all I can do is try to stretch them out and put Biofreeze on them.  I can't take many more of these.  Any ideas what this might be coming from?
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Try taking some magnesium taurate or magnesium citrate for the cramping and perhaps some potassium , too.  Magnesium phosphate 30C is a homeopathic remedy for cramping.

Potassium helps me some. I have erratic body movements that Klonopin helped.
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Magnesium is vital for any fibro or CFS patient.
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and yes to Magnesium, i take Magnesium Taurine by Biocare and have definately noticed the difference.

For muscle cramping, the thing that has had the fastest most dramatic results for me was the bowen technique, where your muscles are gently manipulated, the effect is long lasting and helps release muscle tension more than anything else i've tried (which is a lot!). Definitely worth trying.


Other than that, i have found that yoga does help muscle tension, but it took me a long time to get to properly relax into it.

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I get muscle spasms in my back and chest.  They are horrible.  I felt one day like I was having a heart attack.  I put ice on as best I can, but I don't know what to do either.  I sympathize with you.
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I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia many, many years ago after a long bout with Lymes disease that was undiagnosed and untreated for 4 months. Finally I went to the right doctor for treatment but I find when I over do my daily activity level, I pay the price. We just got back from a 2 week Meditereanean cruise and once I got home, I noticed that my legs and toes were cramping horribly. I would get woken up by calf cramps and the toes on both feet would go into awful looking positions while they cramped. It could be from the extra exercise on the cruise and wearing of open toed shoes with little arch support as far as my feet and legs but I also am suffering from thumb and index finger cramps that are ugly and painful too. Any suggestions or ideas?
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I too have severe muscle cramping and aching in my legs!! Lyrica has really helped this stop.

I'm sorry you are having to deal with it and hope you get some input on how to make it better.

I'm here for you anytime you need to vent, talk or ask questions.

Best wishes,
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Magnesium is a vital supplement for fibromyalgia & CFS sufferers. I buy my magnesium in powered form and add a spoonful to my drinking water every single day. It can help with the cramping.

One thing I recommend for everyone here is reading Dr. Garth Nicholson's research on mycoplasma and fibromyalgia (or CFS). Dr. Nicholson is another physician who was ill and treated himself with antibiotics (just like the Roadback Foundation recommends and the same therapy I've been on).  Dr. Garth Nicholson has a very impressive resume... one of the most impressive I've ever read. He was a Nobel Prize nominee, but also was ill after his daughter returned home from the Gulf War with Gulf War Syndrome. He currently is the Chief Scientific Officer of the Institute for Molecular Medicine in Huntington Beach, California and as well, he is the Professor of Internal Medicine at the University of Texas Medical School at Houston.
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Did you travel by air when you returned from your trip ? If yes, this is common in fibro & CFS patients. Dr. Nicholson discusses this:

Dr. Nicolson

"Well, we think that one of the problems that many patients that have Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome have is that when they travel by air they relapse very heavily, that is their signs and symptoms become worse. This is commonly found and it's not just so much the stress of traveling, we think there's another element involved and that's that when they travel they fly under conditions of reduced oxygen pressure, so the partial pressure of oxygen is actually reduced in the cabin of the aircraft flying at 20 - 30,000 feet. This is especially apparent in people who fly in helicopters so we have a lot of pilots that have contacted us, particularly helicopter pilots that become very sick after flying. And in some cases the people get temporary relief by going on hyperbaric oxygen, that is oxygen under pressure that increases the partial pressure of oxygen. All of this is consistent with what happens with a mycoplasma infection. These infections are what's known as borderline anerobes. That is, the micro-organism prefers low oxygen tension, so if you over exert, for example, and you starve your tissues for oxygen, that will actually stimulate the growth of these micro-organisms, or if you fly in an aircraft for a long period of time, a long flight, that can stimulate these, and so the signs and symptoms can become worse after such an event."


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I used to have SEVERE muscle cramps.  I take one 400 I/U.'s os the cheap Sam's vitamin E in the morning and one at night and the cramps went away.  I don't know if that helps?
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I ahve also tried magnesium tablets i did get a small amount of relief, and eating bananas is a big help too,but i have bought a tens machine and the relief for the cramps or spasms has been wonderful.I have so much relief from using it but it is not a cure.For me this is better than any pill, lotion or potion.I borrowed a machine to try for a week,and so glad i did.
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I forgot to add that i have had FMS for 10 years now and the cramps and spasms are definately a symptom of fibro, and i have it everywhere.I also go to a chiropractor for this and get some relief.I went into remisssion for 8 months and i made the most of it and even went overseas for a holiday.
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I do also get horrible cramping in my chest and back,,the chest pains scare me the most I always feel like Im having a MI and then with that fear brings on the horrid anxiety that tightens the muscles worse.  So far the BEST med for the cramping that iVe been using for years is Soma,,its wonderful for cramping,,even pain.  
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I was just reading that Baclofen™ is a cheap medication that works great... when it works. Sometimes it doesn't work... according to Dr. David Bell:

"It is best when the muscle pain is of a cramping or spasm quality, which is why it is used in multiple sclerosis. It is related to the benzodiazepines such as clonazepam or alprazolam and should be used cautiously with these. Some sedation is likely, and the dose should not exceed 10mgs three times daily."
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Since I've gone off SSRI's I had bad cramps in my calves due to the sudden drop in my serotonin levels.
Is it dark chocolate that raises serotonin?  Bad suggestion for our waistlines but interesting and simple solution to see if it is serotonin.  

A simple blood test 5Ht Levels can test serotonin levels also.  I plan on having that tested this Wed.  My calves, and back under my should blades are cramping awful.
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I agree about dr saying exercise when u can't. I have fibro (20+yrs), sciatica, restless legs, artharitis & PAD.  My toes cramp and bend out of shape, PAD hurts more when exercising & calves cramp so bad only relief is to jump up & down until eases up.  I have taken flexeril, ultram, ultracet, neurontin & lyrica. Lyrica helped pain a little but makes my feet, legs& hands swell.  Also makes me so tired I can barely put 1 foot in front of other.  Do u know of anything beside pain med like percocet. That is what they want to try now? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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For the last 3 months I have had severe feet and leg spasms and cramping. To the point of screaming. My feet and toes contract where I can't set them down on the floor  or against the wall to try to stretch the muscles to get them to release . Happening 3 and 4 times a night. Bloodwork shows no deficiencies. Started taking calcium, drinking more fluids including tonic water. Eating more potassium rich foods with out much relief. Not quite as severe, but still as frquent. Last night they woke me up 6 times. The Dr. called in a script for neurontin for me today. I would rather try magnesium or B12 first. Don't like the side effects of Neurontin.

My hands cramp and contracture when I use them a lot such as setting my hair in rollers I also notice a shrinking of the size of my lower legs above the ankles. Has anyone else experienced this?

I've had cramping and muscles spasms throught my life intermittently when I would over use them but never to this extent of every night and during the day. Any more suggestions

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I know this comes quite late into this thread but I am strongly relating to many commenters here. I've been having the severe toe spasms & cramps for quite a few years but never realized they could be related to my fibro! I usually am awakened from sleep by them and the only relief I knew was some convoluted form of accupressure - but it does make the pain pass.  First I have to grab the cramping toes first and try to hold them firmly in the most comfortable position I can get on them, then I place my thumb & forefinger on my lips in a vertical position keeping steady yet firm pressure until the pain releases enough for me to begin massaging the foot and working on standing upright.  Half the time the foot goes completely numb (fallen asleep) and tingles as the numb abates. Be careful I have found I don't have to sqeeze my lips to the point of pain . . hurt enough don't need to make more. I'm still amazed to find these symptoms could very well be related to my fibro, TY for the info. Got many other health problems to go along with this, but if someone can help me with something other than prescriptions and major dietary changes, I'm all for it.
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Help! I was diagnose with Fibromyalgia. But I was also diagnose with a Vitamin D deficiency, and slight osteoarthritis in the back of my neck and the lower back (my spine). My physical therapist said that sometimes when the nerves pinch out from the lower part of my back it may cause my legs to hurt. And boy do they! Also, as disgusting as this may sound, I find some back relief when I lift my breasts up. I have extremely large breasts and a big stomach. I lift my stomach up and that takes pressure off my back and legs. My therapist also told me that I have poor abs with no back support. I have lumps on the side of my arms, pain elbows that gos numb and tingle. Symptoms of Carpel Tunnel because I type all day at work. My back somtimes feels like its buring. I guess I need help knowing do I truly have fibromyalgia or is this going on due to the lack of vitamin d and being overweigh. Honestly, I don't want to come to terms with having this illness but I also have other signs that can suggest fibromyalgia or other illnesses.
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Hi hon
I have FM and Hashimotos Disease and vitamin D deficiency causing low calcium which definately causes all sorts.
I think you will feel a little better getting ur D levels up, it is a hard slog though. Visit the Vitamin D council website for advice and info, and ask the Drs for a thyroid function test (not just TSH and T4, ask for T3 as well because of your pain, T3 can help FM pain.

lotsa luv
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I have had severe muscle cramping in my thighs for over 15 years. Starts behind to inner thigh near the knee and wraps around the front to the hip. Catches fire and puts me in tears. I also have muscle spasms in my stomach that for the past 5 years have gotten worse. I have to stretch my torso and breath slow (I also push on the muscle to go back in place). This happens while Im driving, sitting and just about anytime. My Drs question: Can you make it do it?
When the leg spasms happen I have to make sure I stand straight up and keep the legs straight, if I bend at all I will lock in a bent over position and the pain is even worse. I dont think Ive ever had a leg spasm without crying because the pain is so bad. I now have chest and top of foot spasms also. I refused to take Cymbalta as the Dr only wanted me to take it because of my depression. I dont know anyone that can go through chronic pain and not have depression also. I dream about being in pain. Very sad that because its not an easy find some Drs just treat you like your nuts. Its even better when they tell you its all in your head. God help us all.
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I was diagnosed with FM last month, and THOUGHT I had it since april 2009 ( thats when my body just stopped working!!)  I have major cramping, especially of my toes , feet, and calves. Some times my whole entire leg will cramp and twist into and ugly shape, it looks crazy and is VERY painful. When it happeneds I scream and cry and my husbands carries me upstairs and puts me in a hot bath to relax the muscles.

I assumed this is from my FM, because it got real bad starting in april. However, I have had muscle cramps in my feet and calves ever since i can remember. When I was a little girl ( maybe 10?) they would get so bad in my calves and feet every night I coulnt sleep. It got so bad my dad took me to the doctor. The doctor brushed it off and told me it was growing pains, or I was drinking to much soda?? Daddy banned soda from the house (lol) and I only drank milk and water for years. it never really helped... I continued to get this cramps for the next 13 years ( im 23) Sometimes every night for a month, and then sometimes i wouldnt get them for about 2-3 months?

I am wondering could I really have some underlying condition since the cramping , and other fibro symptoms, like brain fog and FATIGUE , have been going on since I was a little girl. Or could I have had FMS since I was 10, and just never realized it until everything got REALLY bad this spring??  I remember being very sick when I was around 10. I was sick for an entire month and the doctors thought it was mono..but that all i remember. then when I was 16 I had the classic deer tick looking bite on my leg ( Lyme?) but never got ill. I have suffered with fatigure and brain fog for so long ( i thought the Brain Fog was ADD LOL)  

WHO KNOWS! I wish I had money to go to medical school so I could be come a doctor and figure this out for myself!!
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I have bad muscle spasms too. I take Amitriptyline for mine, & I use heat treatment, freeze gel, and a mini tens machine.  When I got my first Amitriptyline they were so bad I was unable to sleep, I could hardly bend my legs, & I was walkng on my toes (this was during my honeymoon - nice don't you think?!). Although it took time to settle it has helped & as I mentioned above I have gradually got several other things that I know help. I used to eat bananas but because I have G.O.R.D they make it really bad so I avoid it now, so I only get Magnesium from other foods now & vitamin supplements when I can afford to buy them.
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Yes!  I too have fibro, and SEVERE muscle spasms!  Mine are mostly in the chest and ribs (sometimes the abdomine, and has been in the calves, feet, toes as well).  The chest ones are VERY scarey!  The ones going down the ribs...HORRIBLE!  They actually take my breath away!  Leaving me curled up into a ball, screaming and crying!  I am taking Baclofen (mentioned by someone, earlier).  It does help, some what.  It takes a while, however to get relief.  Some times, the 1st does helps, some times not until the 4th, and of course some times...it doesn't help at all.  It is absolutely better than nothing...but is absolutely not a "for sure" thing!  It is relatively inexpensive (which is a plus) and the truth is...any relief is better than now, so I do recommend talking with your doctor about it!  Xanax helps a little also (mainly because it helps reduce your stress/anxiety level, when you are dealing with the spasm flare-ups).  I HATE taking pills, so it is hard for me to add more to my routine...but they do help me to function better (somedays, even half way "normal")!
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