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Severe muscle pains

I am hypothyroid and Fibro patient. I was doing good till Nov 2016 with Lyrica 75 mg. All my problems started with white patches and back pain. Then pains started from all muscles.

My symptoms :
Back muscle Pains (From shoulder to low back)
Hip Pain
Pain below buttocks
Pains at Bottom of Foots (like icing and shooting pains)
Sleep problems
And body inflamation

Any one experiencing these problems with Fibro?


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Likely un-regulated or under-regulated thyroid function.
Do NOT rely on TSH and T4 results.
You need either Dr. Barnes basal temperature test (self) or ask for Free T3 AND reverse T3.testing.

Cortisol is a circadian hormone, so testing only AM cortisol is almost worthless. Your night cortisol could be elevated, consistent with sleep issues, which could affect all hormone production. A catch 22 situation!

Also you may have a functional deficiency of B12 despite your high levels  so you need an MMA urine test or a HoloTC test to verify.
As an alternative you can do a B12 Methylocobalamin challenge, to see if anything improves in a few weeks..

Lyrica may have helped for a while, but it's just a band-aid, not an effective therapy by any means.

You may also have yeast and fungal toxins, something to look into.
On your own you can do a saliva self-test for Candida.
Just do search for it. If positive, a strict anti-fungal protocol is recommended ( very low carb diet, no yeast, no alcohol, no sugars, supplementing with probiotics and coconut oil daily for a minimum of 12 months).

Your fibromyalgia diagnosis is questionable, should some of the aforementioned imbalances in question, hold.

Dr. Lowe from the Fibromyalgia Research Foundation supports the premise that most fibromyalgia patients are either hypothyroid or thyroid hormone resistant.

Best wishes,
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