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Skin problems

Does anyone here suffer unexplained skin problems related to their condition? I have a rash which looks like eczema/ ringworm but is neither of these things and it gets worse when im stressed and my other symptoms are bad. i also get mild acne and very hypersensitive/allergy prone skin. Anyone else suffer like this?
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Yes, strange rashes all the time.
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I have similar strange symptoms on my skin. It could be eczema in my case since it responds somewhat to cortizone cream. My skin irritation is quite bilaterally symmetric.
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My skin irritations are fairly symmetric too. how strange. any of you use any products that are useful?
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Yes.  I get hives sometimes and I also will have sudden breakouts of, what I call, itchy bumps.   They are sporadic and just pop up anywhere.  Since most with fibro have multiple chemical sensitivity i'd think this is the culprit.  Since yours is described as symmetrical, it does sound like ezema or some type of dermatosis.
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Like others, I also get rashes, strictly on my inner (if you were typing) forearms, appearing anywhere from the webbing between my thumb and index finger to about half-way up the arm.  The come on fairly suddenly...or at least I tend to be aware of them suddenly...often going from nothing to intensely itchy over the course of 30-60 minutes.

At least for me, they're easily treated...just about anything makes them go away eventually.  Off-the-shelf cortisone creams are useful for the more intense breakouts, but even regular moisturizer will do the trick for me most of the time.
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Since my fibro symptoms started years ago, i've had a lot of rashes,like hive and very sensitive to heat skin. I thought it was allergy to food but it got worse and then I thought it was from one of the medications. I was on several muscle relaxants, pain killers, sleeping pills that I had no idea which caused the symptom. I tried to drink lots of water in hope that it'd dilute the toxins but didn't help much. I came to the conclusion that fibromyalgia varies from person to person but sometimes you cannot overlook symptoms like skin rashes or other and dismiss them. Sorry I'm not much of help here but just want to share similar experience.
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yes, several months ago, I wrote on here complaining of burning skin. My whole body felt like I put on ben gay and went in the sun. With the use of cold compresses and finally aloe vera, everything cooled down but my repeated flare-up of my scalp burning. These flare-ups last for a week.

This last time my whole neck and face was intolerable and my front scalp and forehead remained hot longer and broke out in a rash that I still have. It itches and the scalp is just slightly flaky at the site where it was the hottest.  

The rash is bumps that look as if when they touch, they become one. They are raised, tight and slightly pink, (not red thank goodness) plus itchy!!!  I have eczema meds that don't budge it.
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In 1999, I started with a rash in a crease of my upper leg. It itched and burned something awful. I started using a medicated powder in the area. It then came under the breast in a crease about 2-3 years later. As long as I used the medicated powder, I could control it.
(It always happened after I ate sugar).  Now, since last November, I am having a rash that appears on the side of my neck, chest area, upper shoulder (but not under bra strap), arm pits, and the sides of my chest (but not breast area).  The area on my neck and side of chest looks like someone laid a hot iron on the area and it burns like they did. The chest is more like the measles.  I have been to doctor's and it seems noone wants to try to figure out what the problem is. In my own research, I found I was sensitive to MSG and all forms and Aspartame and Citric Acid. I cannot find anything to give me any relief other than Benadryl and trying to avoid the above. The above is in everything...I cannot eat out, nor can I buy anything premade in the store. Help!
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When I was pregnant with my oldest son, I started breaking out on my arms, legs and across m nose. This is about the same time I started feeling more and more pain widespread through my body. I had a very difficult pregnancy and labor.delivery. About a year after Scott was born I had another flare up of this horrible looking blister looking things. I went to a dermatologist and after running all kinds of tests, and getting a biopsy of one of these things, I learned that I was allergic to the sun.

It's called " Polymorphous Light Eruption". These little things felt like cigarette burns and it took forever to heal. The dermatologist was surprised because I am half Cherokee and I have olive skin tone. I had to learn to keep my skin pretty well covered, and in doing so, my vitamin D level went haywire. I scar very easily and my Rheumy told me that even before he ran the blood-work to diagnose, he pretty well already knew, he said that I showed all the symptoms.

I've been fighting this since 1974, and still can't be in the sun without a really good sunblock.

gentle hugs
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I'm allergic to Aspartame and MSG also, not Citric acid.  People with FM should avoid the first two anyway. Any artificial sweetners are poison to our bodies. I personally get a headache and stomach ache from any artificial sweetner.  It is rediculous that people choose poison over real sugar when a tsp of real sugar is only 20 calories.  I use unprocessed raw sugar or Agave cactus syrup, delicious, plain, sweet like sugar.  The Agave is accepted by the National Diabetes Foundation as being acceptable for keeping glucose levels even in diabetics, where processed white sugar raises it quick and drops it.

MSG makes me feel very sick as if I am going to seize. Sweats, dizzy, nausea, ringing ears etc.

Do you have health food restaurants in your area? Chicken or Steak restaurants are good if you express no MSG, a baked potatoe and a plain salad and bring your own dressing in a ziploc container.  We girls need a night out. :0}
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I've never really considered the fact that the two might be linked. Thank you for this question it really makes a girl think.

I've always been more prone to stress and it turns out my family (ALL of the women) lack Vit B.. which is often used to deal with stress. I always seem to get stressed out. .which causes more breakouts! I never had out of control breakouts, but I did and still do from time to time break out.

My husband got me a engagement ring and it is silver. I always thought silver was a beautiful metal so I asked him for a silver over gold. Turns out i'm allergic to silver!!!! How Ironic! Needless to say I can't wear my ring haha. I find that i'm very sensitive to metals against my skin and more prone to agitated skin during "dry" winter times.

itchy itchy! I don't really use any cream but the best lotion i've ever used is http://www.jergens.com/our_collection/index.asp I live and praise Jergens! every other lotion seems to agitate my skin.

My grandmother has cushings and is very sensitive to smells, metals, lotions etc.. her skin is practically sand paper thin because of the disease. Best woman in the world, its so sad that such horrible things plague such wonderful people. She uses a certain brand of lotion because she can't handle anything anymore ..it makes her break out in hives.

Amazing how our body chemistry changes us isn't it!

Kind of depressing too, but hey.. it makes us stronger and able to help others going through the same things. <3333

I suggest Jergens. =D I should get paid to advertise for them! LOL SO I can buy me some more icy hot!!!!
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