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Stopped taking Cymbalta and need suggestions for withdrawal symptoms

So my doc put me on 30mg of Cymbalta 4 months ago and I noticed zero help with the pains.  So I stopped taking it about 5 days ago.  As of yesterday I felt like I was an absolute mess.  I had been having these HORRIBLE headaches, nausea, dizzy spells, confusion, and crying spells out of nowhere.  This all brought me to do a little bit of research and I found out it is all withdrawal symptoms.  I don't want to start taking the pills again since they did not work for the reason I was taking them.  That being said does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to help through these withdrawals without having to take a different kind of drug.  This is making me feel like a drug addict trying to get clean.  I have 4 kids at home and need to be able to function properly.  HELP!!!  PLEASE!!!!!
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I have heard that cymbalta can be brutal to get off of. You may have to do a slow taper to avoid withdrawal symptoms. I would recommend asking your doctor for a taper schedule.
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Omega 3 and vitamin B complex.
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Would you feel comfortable taking natural supplements that help with addictions? L-Glutimine, L-Carnitine and GABA come to mind. You can internet search on any of those and learn about them -  Basically, these amino acids support the neurotransmitters in the body and reduce fallout from med dependency. Additionally, I took: Niacin, Licorice Root and Chromium-picolinate which was purchased at a Health Food Store. Chamomile Tea also helped. I have friends who said Ginseng helped them, but it did not help me.  the ****.com sells amino acids and has call-in Representatives to help field questions about their products and how they might help you.  
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LGlutamine and GABA are contraindicated in Bipolar and must consult with your doctor if you have kidney or liver issues.
Glutamine is a precursor of GABA so taking both together may cause   excessive  GABA levels . The symptoms are numerous:
Increased breathing (too much lactic acid production and incorrect gas ratios)
Tingly sensations, facial  numbness , nausea and vomiting, increased blood pressure etc
Best is to have your doctor test you (urine or saliva test) for low GABA.

Ashwagandha is an indian herb that was been used for it's nervous system calming effect (among many other health benefits) and it also gives stress and anxiety relief, great to help alleviate withdrawal symptoms.
No known side effects if taken as indicated.

This is not intended as a substitute for medical advice .

Best wishes!
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