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I went to or MedHelp experts section. Had a few questions to ask an expert. To my surprise their isn't one for Fibro/CFS. But if you need a vet their is 33 of them to pick from,even a cat Dermotoligist. I could be in the wrong. I should have went to VetMed to find a Fibro. doc
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I believe there is a Fibromyalgia expert forum, but it may not be currently active at this time. Sorry about that. The truth is many of us sufferers are more knowledgeable than even some of the Fibro "experts" in some ways (in my opinion at least), but I have to say the doctor knows best because I am the community leader here in this forum. We are a great community here and we all have been through a lot- a lot of pain and fatigue and doctors. I am sure if you can relate to this even a little bit you're sure to find some answers and some friends here in this community. Welcome. I look forward to getting to know you here!
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I am very sorry didn't mean to offend anyone! Been a part of this forum for awhile now. We all as fibro people have to stick togeather! What i was so shocked about was 33 vets and even a cat dermotoligist on a medical web site. I for one think we as a fibro family should be a little offended. We might have a doc. stop in from time and time again and limit the number of questions you can post. But i can get on this site and get a question answered about my pimpled as* cat (come on). Are condition has been looked down on for far to long! We do it every day of our lives with or MDs or pain clinics or sleep labs heck even sometimes friends and family. We deal with it as far as getting pain meds! I just found it a bit disrespectfull. And i think we as a family get enough of that already on a daily basis. Leave the itchy pussycats to the vet website. Also no animals were harmed in the makeing of this comment.
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Oh no! You didn't offend anyone. :) I actually understood your point clearly and I totally hear where your coming from. It can be frustrating.
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You found someone who doesn't get offended. I like honesty. The reason you didn't find anyone,  there isn't anyone. Did you ever notice the top talk show, the lady in the afternoon with the popular doctor who now has his own show. If they ever talk about fibromyalgia it is a small few one liners and they move on to discussing poop.  Leading experts and I am sure there are some, 2 that I knew of and went to, one has retired the other is doing research only in fibromyalgia. His name is Dr. Andrew Holman. If you ever get a chance to look up any of his research.  He is excellent.

The other doctor retired. He believed a low dose thyroid medication help FM pain and symptoms. I've been on it since and most recently stopped and I am not on iodine supplements. It's been amazingly helpful. Also the 2nd doctor introduced me to the connection between foods and FM. White bread, white potatoes, white rice, and numerous other things like simple sugars.  I also get B12 shots monthly and drink a ton of distilled water.
I find a lot of experts on the Fibromyalgia forum. So much of this is trial and error with people that actually suffer with it. I'm not a doctor and I'm pretty sure nobody is in this forum but there is a lot of great advice, maybe some of it can help you.
Take care!
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