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Swelling and extreme joint pain

Anyone else with FM have swelling in their hands in the morning along with severe joint pain?

I was diagnosed with FM in 2006.  Just recently I've started having a lot of swelling in my hands along with severe pain in the joints of my fingers and wrists as well as my hips, knees, etc.  In the summer my hands would swell but go down but I can't even wear my engagement rings now and the only time that has happened is when I've been been pregnant.  

I've looked to see if any of the above relates to fibro and I can see that joint pain is common but I can't find anything about the swelling.  So now I am concerned I may have something else going on like rheumatoid arthritis:  it runs in my family.

I have an appointment in another month with my doctor and plan to talk with him then but curious to see what others think.
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Good morning;
   The swelling goes along with the fibro. I just had to have all of my rings wedding set and mother's ring cut off.:(  Although I do have RA and osteoarthritis. While I was in thge hospital the doctor told me that I woud have pain regardless of what was done because the osteo was so bad in my joints, and the RA in my hands.

   My feet and ankles also swell. I hope you find out what's causing the swelling.

gentle hugs
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Which medication(s) are you taking ? If I remember right.. one of the side effects from Lyrica (but I'll have to double check) is swelling.
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I have had the swelling too.  My fingers typically...when the weather warms up.  Once I had taken a long car ride and both my ankles swelled so much I couldn't stand on them.  They mentioned gout...but it has never happened again.  A few months back my index finger swelled and became red (and hurt like the devil)...just that one time.  I think it's all part of the FM symptoms.  I hope you feel better soon.
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The medications I take for FM are Cymbalta (I also have depression) and Zanaflex.  I also take ibuprofen and Lorcet plus, but the Lorcet plus I usually use for chronic headaches-which may/may not be related to FM.
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I have been complaining about the swelling for years to my doctors, and they don't seem to take it seriously.  I get it all over--ankles, arms, wrists, legs, neck.  I do have high blood pressure, so some of the medicines I take can contribute to that, but I never had so much pain along with it.  Yesterday my ELBOW swelled up.

The doctors insist I have fibro and some osteoarthritis in my knees and back, but no RA.  My sister has RA, and, like you, I think I may have it but they keep saying no.
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I have fibro and OA. I do have swelling in hand, feet & legs although mine lasts all day. Dr. said it was the Lyrica side effects  (also side effects of Avandament.) He said to just prop up legs to rest them til swelling eased and hot water soaks for hands. Good Luck with this.
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I've had the swelling of ankles/feet, hands/wrists, & knees too.  Dr.'s will try to tell you it's NOT Fibro...as I thought for a number of years that I had some other disease too.  However, they've yet to find anything else, and I've ran across ground-breaking research just recently, which states that Fibro CAN & DOES cause swelling in the extremeties and joints.  There are sooooo many symptoms we have that ARE related to Fibro...unfortunetely, the medical community doesn't want to take the time to learn about them...or the latest in Fibro research.  This is a sad situation...as the result is that soooo very many of us are suffering and going for broke with all these specialists and medical bills!!!   URRGGGHHH!!!!!!!
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