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Has anyone done physical therapy and if so was it beneficial? With what results if any? I have been going for about 3 weeks and it seems instead of helping it causes me to have flare ups.

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yes,i have had physical therapy and it help me alot.only one time i felt worst.tell your therapy ,that you are hurting worst.he must be working you to hard.my dr.really wanted me to do auqa  therapy,but we didn't have any near my home.and i also did therapy at home he gave me a list of things to do.if you haven't yet have your vitamin d checked .mine was low and when it was low i couln't even walk!
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I have also had physical therapy and it did not work for me either.  I had really bad flare-ups as well but I believe that it was due to the not understanding fibromyalgia.
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I'm glad someone mentioned vitamin D.  Too often vitamin D levels are overlooked when they definitely need to be looked at.  When mine was checked for the first time ever, it was so low that it barely even registered on the test.  I hate to think of the "what if" scenarios that could've happened to me if my vitamin D levels had been allowed to drop any lower.  A couple of other things that are supposed to help with muscle pain are magnesium and calcium.  Be careful not to take more than the RDA of magnesium, though, because too much magnesium all the time can lead to kidney issues.  Also, get your potassium levels checked.  I've been low on potassium before, which caused me pain, too.  But, again, be careful not to take more than the RDA of potassium either for the same reason I just stated about the magnesium.  Be sure to get your levels checked regularly to make sure that your levels are where they shoud be.  It is dangerous to have levels that are too high.  But, these minerals are supposed to help with muscle pain.
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thanks for the comments about vitamin D . I have had my potassium checked but never my vitamin D. I'm going to do that as soon as possible. My dr said for me to take additional calcuim. I eat least two bananas aday for the potassium. I hope it can help me since they "think I 've RA too"
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