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Thyroid Information

I recently tried taking iodine because I've read that close to 100% of fibro & CFS patients have a low thyroid, but the standard blood tests often miss it. Anyway, I cannot believe the difference !! My hair and skin are softer, I have a little bit more energy and less weakness.

I noticed First magazine has an article in this month's issue on iodine deficiency. Of course an underactive thyroid can be due to insufficient amounts of iodine in the body. I highly recommend it for all members here. Of course this would exclude those who have hyperthyroidism.

** imporant --- if you are considering taking iodine supplements, please talk to your physician first **
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How much iodine do you take?  I know some multivitamins have iodine included.
My thyroid tests come back normal, but I have cysts on my thyroid. My natural healthcare practitioner cautions use of iodine because of my cysts, but I don't think the little iodine added to a multi would impact the cysts.  

I know the thyroid gland requires iodine to function properly, but too much can induce hyperthyroid especially for those who have diagnosed hypothyroidism and take medication to treat it.

I am glad it is making a difference for you.  Thanks for keeping everyone updated on helpful treatment alternatives!

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Hi ! If your natural healthcare practitioner advises against taking iodine, you may want to ask him or her his reasoning behind his/her decision. I can tell you that CFS patients have a much higher risk for thyroid cancer.

This is the iodine test & supplementation that I'm doing and that has helped me :

You simply purchase 1 ounce bottle of tincture of 2% Iodine and then rub a spot using the tincture.... about the size of a silver dollar. You can "paint" the iodine on your arms, belly, thigh or the inside of your arm. Do this when you know that you are not taking a bath or shower... since it may wash off.

According to the information on Jernigan's website, if your body's level of Iodine is normal, then the spot will remain on the skin for 24 hours. If the spot disappears in less than 24 hours, this means your body needed the iodine and took it in.

They say you can keep doing this every 24 hours... until the spot stays there for a full 24 hours. At that point, your body apparently has had enough iodine.

One important thing: ***** if you are presently on thyroid medicine you may need to cut back on your dose, or ultimately stop it all together, now that your body has the iodine to manufacture the thyroid hormones it needs. *****

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More information on thyroid problems in fibro and CFS problems. I think this is important because obviously if we have a low thyroid, as the experts say we do, then we have more symptoms and an increased risk for heart disease and cancer. So I hope that everyone here will please print this out (trust me.. print it out because the standard thyroid tests aren't picking up our problem) --- and discussing this with your physician.


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Some excerpts from "Beating Lyme Disease" by David A. Jernigan, Ph.D. :

"According to a study by the CDC the number of Americans with low iodine has quadrupled in the last 25 years". * (source below)

"Dr. Bernard Jenson, D.C., Ph.D., found that the iodized table salt, which is superheated so that it can pour more easily, is a poor form of iodine for the body."

* Iodine Nutrition in the United States. Trends and Public Health Implications: Iodine Excretion Data from National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys I and III --- The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism
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This is really interesting.  Thank you for adding (as I didn't go back that far to read everything).  
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