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Tight throat and neck feeling question

MS has been ruled out, had tons of bloodwork done all ok (thyroid, ra, lupus sjogrens waiting for labs back on lyme) just saw the neuro and he can figure it out either. I am having a emg done even though my drs don't think it is als, I am the one requesting the emg. My symptons are muscle ache, joint ache, fatigue, tingling and the hands around my throat feeling. It does go somewhat away when I take a xanax. The dr is trying me on steroids. Is a tight feeling in the throat neck area a fibro symptom?
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There are several things that can cause a feeling like that.  It could be inflammation, infection, GERD, hiatal hernia or that good ole friend stress.  Have they done a barium test (on an empty stomach you drink the barium while they watch on screens?)  From this test they can track the process of swallowing and follow it.  

The muscle aches, joints, fatigue and tingling are all symptoms of FMS.

I hope the steroids will help you and you gain some answers on your return visit.

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I have the same problem and really haven't figured it out exactly. My problem is so bad, I actually gag to the point where I vomit and it does feel like someone is choking me. Ativan helps relieve this some what for me also.
I think it is from muscle tightness in the neck which impinges on the nerve which controls the gag reflex because no doctor can find anything wrong.  I am diagnosed with Fibro and CFS, but there is a great likelihood I have Lyme and other infections. Please be careful of steroids because usually people with Fibro/CFS already have suppressed immune systems and steroids supress your immune system more.
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