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Tired of the pain

I started having lower back pain over a year ago. I assumed it was from sitting at a computer most of the day at work. A few months later, my whole back began to hurt. I thought maybe it was coming from stress and bad posture. Different parts of my body began to hurt ( I feel like a 90 year old woman, and I'm only 43). The pain had started spreading over such a short period of time that I can't remember what started hurting when. Most mornings I find it hard to get out of bed because I feel stiff as if I have arthritis. Once I get going, I don't seem to notice the pain as much. The aching as of 2 weeks ago has gotten considerably worse in my hips, legs, shoulders and arms. The pain is so bad at times, it's hard to sit still. I sit most nights with a heating pad on my back or hip. My muscles feel as if I've exercised over my limit, even though I haven't done anything. This is beginning to affect my quality of life because I'm having difficulty walking at times because of the muscle weakness, and pain. Could this possibly be fibromyalgia? My doctor doesn't seem to understand the extent of the pain and shrugs it off when I try to talk to her about it.  

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I am glad that you have found our forum. What type of doctor is currently treating your symptoms? If you haven't been to see a Rheumatologist who is well versed in diagnosing and treating Fibromyalgia, I would consider doing so. If you are in the US, (which I didn't notice from your profile) you can go to the National Fibromyalgia Association's website:
They have a directory of Rheumatologist who are willing and able to make the diagnosis. There is a free sign up and registration however, but it is definitely worth it. There is a lot of very good information there.

If you are not in the US and you are only under the care of your primary care doctor, I would suggest asking for a referral to see a Rheumatologist. There is a chance, from your symptoms that you are suffering from Fibromyalgia, but FMS always mimics other more dangerous arthritic conditions, so it's best you have them ruled out anyways.

I would strongly urge you to convince your doctor to take your symptoms seriously as they are causing you incredible distress and are interfering with the quality of your life. You might want to mention that you are concerned that your symptoms could be progressive and want someone to do the proper testing, send you to a specialist (the Rheumatologist) as a precaution. They owe this to you. Good luck to you.  
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