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Trying to find out what's wrong

I have have been battling constant pain for a couple of years.  My doc diagnosed me with depression and put me on Effexor.  He said the aching will pass.  But he doesn't understant that it is more than just aching.  So, I'm doing my own research and found out about Fibromyalgia, and the symptoms fit.  When I found this site I was so excited to see people going thru the EXACT same thing I am.  (I hate the pain you are feeling, but excited that I'm not crazy or dramatic-I've been called both when I talk about my pain I feel in my body)  Anyways, just letting you know I've joined. And am interest to know everything about fibromyalgia.  I am seeing the doc next month to talk to him about it.  I also need to talk to him about Bipolar 1 .  THose symptoms fit too, but need to look at my mood traker after awhile to see.  Take care
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What kind of doctor are you seeing? I have Fibromyalgia along with Rheumatoid arthritis. For 2 years the GPs at our medical center were like "Duh, we dunno. Take Ibuprofen for the pain." FINALLY I was directed to a Pain Management Physician. I never knew that these doctors not only help you manage your pain, but they are diagnosticians as well!
  My pain management guy is also a board certified Psychiatrist, which is awesome, because I was diagnosed with Cyclothymia, a lesser form of Bipolar 1. I'm on Effexor as well, for the record.Many of these Dr.'s are also Neurologists and Anethesiologists.
   Anyway, I would highly suggest you find a good pain mgt. Dr. It's good you're being your own advocate and when you meet with him/her there are most certainly criteria which you may meet and you'll be diagnosed properly instead of getting the run around like I did!
    I just found this community too and know what you mean about being excited! All the best to you and I'll be keeping you in my prayers.
Ffion xx
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Hi girls, Welcome,

Where is this community of Dr.s.?  I could use a team like that!

Make sure you are Knowledgable as to what you are taking for your symptoms.  This way you can manage and intelligently discuss your treatment.

For example, Effexor is an SNRI which works on Norephineprine and Serotonin.  N - helps with pain and S -helps with depression.  Furthur info can be found on medical sites.  (like the correct spelling for N, haha).

I'm on Wellbutrin which is NDRI,  N plus Dopamine, which helps with energy.  I have less fatigue and less pain.  

RI -means reuptake inhibitor.  Which means it holds these brain chemicals where they are needed.  It inhibits them from disipating out of the area they are useful in.

I cannot take Serotonin, my body reacts poorly to it.  So I went towards a different class of meds.

Tricicyclics help with sleep and pain.

Sleep is an issue with Dopamine, as it stimulates.  I take it very early in the day and all at once.  Muscle relaxers are necessary for me as a pain reducer and it helps my sleep. Voila'

I deal with being BiPolar also.  It is simply a drag.  Up is cool, down is a drag.  I've been managing it by tweeking my meds before now.
I'm on an AED(seizure med)  Topamax, which lessens the excitment  in the brain and has rid me of my FM migraines.  That with Wellbutrin, has me up but not too much so.  Before, I was stable but didn't want to do anything.  Now I want to be active and go places like out to dinner, or to a club.  We have many rock clubs here and lots of live bands in the summer, last summer I stayed in all summer, BUT, I was stable :-p

Write back, and let me know where that med group is or if you don't want to divulge where you live, let me know if it is anywhere near where I live.

Thanks girls, If I can help any, write.  Oh I have FM for 15 yrs.

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Thanks for the kind welcome! I live in Walnut Grove, MN but, coincidentally, grew up right outside of Philadelphia in Bucks County. Being an artist, I'm sure you know the New Hope/Lambertville artists'community!
  We have much in common, both with health issuues and Rxs we take. I firmly believe we need to be our own medical advocates, and am known to stay up all night researching medical or pharmacological issues. I'm a paramedic, so I do have a bit of an advantage, but a lot was self- learned. I actually diagnosed myself with a very rare liver disorder, COP, Cholestasis of Pregnancy, when NO ONE knew what to do with me. I printed the info. showed it to my Dr. and he ran a hepatic panel which was off the charts crazy. He was like, " !@#$@%$#@!& we have to induce labor NOW." My son is now 10 but we both could have died. Since then, I research everything in detail...

The physicians I referred to, were just an example of "What Does a Pain Management Dr. Do." I never knew exactly until I researched. I didn't even KNOW we HAD a PM MD who came to our medical center once a month through outreach!!!! For 2 years all I heard was, "Take Ibuprofen..." I would just do a general search for a PM MD in your area, if I were you, and try to find one who is also a board certified Psychiatrist.
Yep. I'm on Topamax as well for mood stabilization and Effexor for the depression side of BP. I do know what you mean about the serotonin. I had an oral surgeon give me Tramadol once and it interacted with the Effexor to the point of Serotonin Syndrome. (Yet another reason to read, read and read ;)

It's good to meet you and I'll keep you in my prayers. Say HI to the ocean for me. I MISS the shore desperately. Haven't been in 5 years and I s[ent all of my summers in Beach Haven, NJ when I was a kid. *sob* *bleat*

Ffion xx
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Holy Crow!!!  You are Right ON!  You feel exactly like I do. Frustrated with misdiagnosis' and Dr.s/Specialists that said, there was nothing wrong with me, I started to propose different tests with an open minded Dr. and my research.  

Thank God you discovered your liver illness!!

I just came down from Serotonin Saturation syndrome over a month ago.  It took me six weeks of withdrawals, brain zaps, sweats, light sensitivity etc. What a terrible time in my life, all a psychiatrists mistake.  She added Pristic to Effexor but forgot to tell me to go off Effexor.  Men were working on the outside of her building and freaking her out that day.  She was changeing me to Pristic because of the different action, same chemicals.  Effexor gave me daily headaches for two whole years and low grade depression.  I believe in God and that he works in mysterious ways.  Due to this O.D. I had to stop both meds and clean out.  The headaches stopped so I continued off, the low grade depression improved so , I stayed off.  

OMG, Beach Haven?  Not far from me.  So sorry you miss it.  MN is Minnesota?

We're on each others friends list, so we can Private Message and see photos, the photos can be set to private, individual or all.  

Have you heard from the original poster Jlfg?  Lets send her a note.  

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