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Two prescriptions prescribed for same things

My doctor just put me on medication for fibromyalgia today-  It is Vicodins for pain.
Does Effexor XR and Zoloft help these since he put me on all three?
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  My Rheumy put me on Ultram ER 200mg 2X a day. He also gave me Flexeril( a muscle relaxer) and Restoril mild sleeping pill. My internist put me on Zoloft 150mg a day and he also put me on Norco for the break through pain. I do use Lidoderm patches also for my lower back and knees. Give your meds a couple of days to get into your system, sometimes it's hit and miss until they find the right combination that works for you.

gentle hugs
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Vicodin is a pain reliever with tylenol. The other two are antidepressants,one an SSRI the other an SNRI.
To me taking them together make no sense.  They do travel different pathways in the brain/body, one holds Norephineprine where it is needed for energy and pain reduction. Serotonin is held where it is needed by both meds which help with depression.

Trust your doctor.  He must have assessed that your depression is serious and a source of your pain besides the Fibromyalgia. This is very valid in many cases. Our brain chemistry affects our opiod receptors and how we assess pain. Also how we think about the pain.

Vicodin works on my Fibro pain but the Tylenol is not necessary for FM being we don't have inflammation as a rule.  Zydone is Vicodin with less acetominophen (tylenol).
Hope I have helped.
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While I myself have not been on anti-depressants for my fibro, I understand that it is commonly done. I was on Vicoden for over three years, and now am getting good results with a 25 mcg Duragesic patch (change every three days) and Lyrica, 150 mcg twice daily.  This is the most pain free I have been in recent memory. I hope that your regimen helps. This is a wonderful forum, and I am sure that there are many others who are going to share their thoughts.  All my best to you, and I hope this works for you.
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