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Undiag. Symptoms going on a year! Help,

I have been struggling since Sept. With chronic fatigue, muscle weakness and pain, shortness of breath, and chest pain. I am being evaluated for a growth hormone problem, one test high, one test low, awaiting a third test. My rhem. Thinks it's fibro. And put me on cymbalta. I started on 20, then 30, and will be on 60 for a month next week. I started slow bc I am so sensitive to med's. I don't think I have it bc I hurt in my thighs, upper back, neck, elbows, shoulders. It seems like the pain moves. If I do a light swimming workout, it takes a couple days to recover. I walk up the stairs and feel like I just ran 30 miles. I could fall asleep just abt anywhere. I have had all the testing to rule out heart, auto, etc. I do have hypothyroid that is managed. My endo. Is working hard to find out why my gh is wacky. I feel lousy and don't know what to do. I am an athlete and was in the best shape until this happened. I can't do anything wo hurting. My neuro. Ran all the muscle testing too. Any thots?
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Fibro can cause all those symptoms you have. I have this condition as well. I finally got answers on my condition as to what is causing it. My Endocrinologist diagnosed me with insulin resistance (also called metabolic syndrome). It is a condition that effects how your body uses your insulin you produce. You body makes enough insulin but your insulin receptors don't work so, you can't properly break down glucose. It effects many systems in your body, thyroid being one of them. Here is a web site you can check out. It explains insulin resistance (metabolic syndrome) and all the problems it can cause.www.naturalchoicesforyou.com/site/680805/page/219656
If you look up insulin resistance you can also get a list of possible symptoms.
If you need any more help or info on this condition, message me. I am getting better every day. My doctor prescribed medication (metformin to help control blood sugar), strict diet and moderate exercise. My pain and fatigue has dropped more than half and I am beginning to feel like my old self again.
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You sound exactly like me... just before I was finally diagnosed with Fibro AND CFS!

There is hope, we are here to tell ya that and offer encouragement and ideas to you!

My first step was to try Savella and Pristiq...the combination has done wonders for me.
The next thing I did was to evaluate my eating habits and get rid of any and all processed sugar in my diet!  BIG improvement in all areas you mentioned.
Next, I started on a very intensive vitamin routine and slowly I've been able to add exercise or physical activity back into my life.

None of these suggestions are an overnight quick fix, but through steady changes in all areas, I've noticed marked improvement in as little as 3-4 weeks.!

Keep searching for what works for you and read anything you can find on Fibro.  Everyone's experiences will help you help yourself!

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If your primary complaint is fatigue, then it sounds like you could have CFS. Also... weakness and shortness of breath are common with Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome. You could also have fibromyalgia... as 60% of people wth CFS (and vice versa) have fibro.

I hope that you will consider seeing a Naturopathic physician who deals with IV therapies, neural therapy and other treatments. Your insurance may or may not cover the expenses, but that is what got me feeling good again.

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