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Unknown Illness

  I am hoping someone can assist me as I have a child who has been sick for months now and no one knows why. One symptom which I do not know is related or not is she get tiny little blister all over her hands, they are on her palms sometimes her arms near her hand and frequently all over the tips of her fingers. Before they start to heal there is a little spots around them that are kind of grey they almost look like they are little wholes under the skin. Along with this she has had severe nausea along with vomiting attacks. When she vomits she can vomit from 1 to 6 times within 45 minutes or so. She is also experiencing weakness and dizziness which eating sugar does tend to help. The nausea can only be helped by bausea medications that only works when she starts to feel even a little nauseous. The doctors keep doing test but no-one can help she has now lost 20lbs and see its taking it toll. She goes to college full time along with working full time and is so afraid her health is going to cause these parts of her life to suffer.
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Hi kbryant and welcome to the forum.

The first thing that comes to mind is allergy, sensitivity or intolerance
to some substance ingested : food,drink,medicine or chemical (and less likely from environmental exposure)

To rule this out you may have her do Dr. Coca's Pulse test - free download
   It will indicate with satisfactory degree of accuracy, reactions, sensitivities, intolerance and allegies to anything ingested that your immune system treats as offensive.It takes about a week to complete.

One can also do the fast version of this pulse test:
Just sit down and  take a rest for about 5 minutes. Take your pulse for a full  minute (not 15 seconds x 4! ). Then put whatever you want to test in your mouth and chew it for 30 seconds. Then take your pulse again. If your pulse is faster by 6 beats than before, you are allergic or have a sensitivity to it.
If you have type “O” blood type, use 4  extra beats as the criteria instead of 6 extra beats.

Another suspicion is Leaky Gut Syndrome or Gut Dysbiosis, as an underlying cause, if you want to look it up.

Let me know if you need any details.

Wishing your daughter well!

Take care,
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are the blisters just full of clear liquid, sometimes maybe getting a littl infected, and do they itch horribly---especially if she messes with them--such as popping them?

I have atopic dermatits and I have had tiny blisters similar to this for most of my life. My almost 9 year old daughter is having alot of problems with what I imagine is the same thing---but mostly on her toes right now.  they also end up cracking and bleeding.  I had the same problem on my feet around her age---it has kind of moved all over my body.

has your daughter been tested for celiac diease?  I have 3 children with celiac disease----all 3 had different symptoms.   One of them was nauseated for months and the doc kept running tests---but we did not figure it out until her twin sister had some horrible rashes on her knees, elbows and behind.

If you decide to have her tested for celiac, make sur the right tests are done.
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