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Urge incontinence.

I had a problem with this twice back in the early summer and then today again. Only the previous times were at home, while this was in a public place. Very very mortifiying. I get the occassional bit of stress incontinence - the trickle when you sneeze or what not. However this comes with very little warning and isn't just a little. I was lucky to not make a puddle on the floor, but my jeans were soaked halfway to my knees.

Anyone else with this problem? If so...any suggestions? Been diagnosed with fibro since 05. Have had a lot of neurological problems, expecially this year, with buzzing, prickling and burning pain etc...but dr's have classified me as 'weird fibro' with maybe something else going on but for now all they can do is watch. Which is cool. I really don't want anymore tests.

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   Been there so many times. And I agree it was mortifying, and it always happens when I am heading to the doctor, or to dinner and then I have to turn around and go back home to cleanup and change. And now I'm really going to embarrass myself, I admit that I had to buy ~~~sigh~~~ Depends............:)

   Mind you, I don't wear them all the time, in fact I hardly ever wear them, but by cracky I am prepared when I have to go to the doctor..etc...etc. My Rheumy told me that he wanted to watch me closely also, but right now that's like watching the grass grow, Have a great SuperBowl Sunday.

gentle hugs
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hi, been there so many times! lol, tishoo,cough,sneeze etc, dribble dribble, yuk, tried the pads but got to admit not for long felt  to embaressed , dr said try the squeezing your bottom /pelvic exercises ,but that makes me wnat to go more lol ,i sometimes feel like a child cos my kids keep saying "have you been to toilet?" i just keep going all the time even when i don,t want to! {not as much to escape then, lol}agree with kid on the have to go out somewhere, be prepared!! , {once sneezed at the dr,s , gushh, think she got a new chair lol,} tc, and be as pain free as possible
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I had stress incontinence after the birth on baby #2.  After the day I sneezed in a store and wet my foot I decided I had to do something so I had bladder repair surgery.  That was 17 yrs ago.  It was the best thing I've ever done for myself.
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Yeah, I had the stress incontinence mainly during pregnancy and afterwards and worked on doing them kegals for all I was worth. Dribbles, as frusterating as they are, were more a pain in the butt and a pantyliner issue. I just wear liners again if I am coughing lots.

It's the urge stuff that is freaking me out. It's like peeing the whole amount, minus a little bit at the end that for some reason I seem to be able to finally manage to stop at. Ack!

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Dittos here.  I had a horrible time with this about 6 mos. ago, and now it seems to have eased up a bit.  I keep Detrol on hand to use on the few days I have to go to work in the a.m. (as the bathroom is quite a bit aways).  Mine is like you describe...a great urge and then a tinkle when I do go or sometimes a drop.  If it gets worse or you can't take it, try the Detrol for a while and see if that will help you.  I keep liners handy every day.  

Hope you can get some relief from this.  I know how frustrating it is.
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