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Vitamin D metabolites as clinical markers in autoimmune and chronic disease

Vitamin D metabolites as clinical markers in autoimmune and chronic disease.

Journal: Ann N Y Acad Sci. 2009 Sep;1173:384-90. Authors: Blaney GP, Albert PJ, Proal AD.

Affiliation: Stillpoint Centre, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

This was e-mailed to me through co-cure, an organization that keeps physicians, researchers and patients in on the latest research for (mostly) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and fibromyalgia.

For a link to this article on vitamin D deficiency and DYSREGULATION... check out:

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Reversing Bacteria-induced Vitamin D Receptor Dysfunction Is Key to Autoimmune Disease:


Vitamin D metabolites as clinical markers in autoimmune and chronic disease:


Dysregulation of the vitamin D nuclear receptor may contribute to the higher prevalence of some autoimmune diseases in women:

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Thank you for relating this information.  I will definitely check out the links you provided.  I
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This is fantastic stuff - thank you for the links.
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If you would like your physician to check your vitamin D ratio... you need him/her to order a vitamin D level AND a vitamin D 1,25 hydroxy level on you. For additional information, visit our discussion on this in the lyme forum... here's the link:


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