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Weight loss

I had always been trim throughout my life but I find now that the pounds and inches have squated on my waist, shoulders and hips. I walk 20 mins everyday with the dog. My diet is strange as I not only have allergies but I cannot cook (too painful). I want my waist back. Any advice would be helpful. I list my allergies for you. Herbs and spices, Pesticides and fertizers, Fish. I also suffer from Irritable Bowel. I take Co-Dydramol for the pain and I don't sleep very well. I drink only tea, no booze but I do smoke 20 a day + 12.5 grammes of baccy. I am in the process of cutting down (was on 40 a day, two months ago)
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I do understand your issues with weight...I, too have been fighting the midlife bulge!  I started suffering with literally uncontrollable weight gain, right about the time I was diagnosed with Fibro/CFS.  I'm not too sure if there is any medical evidence that it is related, but I gotta blame this on something? LOL

I would recommend that you see a Nutritionist to see if there is something different you can do with your diet.  Until recently, I never gave much credit to the whole 'nutritionist' school of thought - what I mean is that I always thought that I can read a book about it.... I know how to figure out calories and fat and such... but I've recently changed my ideas about that. I went to see a Registered Dietician and it was very enlightening!  
I learned about what foods react adversly to my body and what foods I need to add into my diet.  

Since you have a list of allergies to contend with, a Dietician may be your best resource!
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Thanks for the advice, got appointment with doctors next week to discuss. Feeling bloated and that is a symptom  of Fibro. I wanna just be me again, is that to much to ask?
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