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What doctor treats fibromyalgia?

I had been seeing a nurse practioner for the last 10 years or so but it's gotten worse.. I also have osteoarthritis and early onset osteoporosis and had been seeing a rheumatologist since the 1980's. Long story short...have new rheum. doc and he's prescribed celebrex but nothing for pain & fibro. He says go to my family doctor for the fibro and take advils & tylenols for pain, because percosets, loratabs, etc does not work for osteo. Advils/ tylenols  DO NOT work for me!!! I also have had several broken bones...some from falls...wrist and every bone in my ankle. And, broken ribs and sternum from collapsed lung & surgery gone bad in 2001-2002...another long story. Now my question, is it unusual for rheumy to not treat you for fibro? He's new and I'm still not sure he will remain my doctor. My ortho doc that gave me a steroid shot in hip joint did a blood test and discovered my vitamin D level was 7.5 so rheumy is working on that. I live in Mississippi where it's almost impossible to get pain meds from doctors, but, dang, do I have to be in pain just because of that!!!? This is no way to live and if this is what my life is going to be like, then I don't want it! I have never ever abused alcohol or drugs, heck, I have never even smoked pot and I am almost 62! I am sorry this is so long, but I just wanted to see if others have this same problem.

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The doctor should be a Rheumatologist.  I'm surprised he'd tell you to talk to your family doctor.  My regular doctor sent me to a rheumy to evaluate and diagnose and then after that the family doctor too over care and refilling meds the rheumy started me on.  

I'm sorry you are having so much trouble.  They are the same here thinking everyone is a "drug seeker".  It makes me want to scream.  I told them I'm just a "help seeker. Please make it better!"
Good afternoon KItty,
A Rheumatologist is the doctor to see for FM but I have a great new DO who is helping me with FM also.
I have had FM for 20 years. I got tired of my reg Dr. not doing much for me so I sought out a rheumatologist first. He said I definitely had FM but he would like to do additional blood work to check and see if any thing else was going on. I had pain all over and extreme fatigue. It turns out I have lupus and now am being treated for it. I do not have the face rash.  I am so glad I left my old Dr.
Next I found a new regular doctor, she is a DO and I just love her. I am on Wellbutrin, cymbolta, and Ridlin to increase my thinking ability and give me energy. It works great and I don't have ADD. I now have more energy and guess what it has decreased my pain too. I know this is not standard treatment for FM but its working. Thank you Dr. for thinking out side the box.
She also gave me some Oxycontin for break thru pain.
I use it during changes in weather that hurts me more.
Advil and Tylenol do not work on FM pain and your Dr. should know that. So seek a new doctor until your satisfied. I went on line to find one and read peoples reviews. Don't give up. You need to be your own advocate.
Hot pads and hot epsin salt baths help me in between.
I know your pain and I am sorry you have had so much trouble. If you don't find satisfaction with new doctors you could try a pain management clinic.
Better days are ahead really so don't give up. Sail Girl
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All u need to do is call around to clinics in your area and ask if any of their Drs. diagnose or treat Fibromyalgia. That's what I finally had to do after 2 1/2 years of suffering and seeing numerous Drs. including a Rhuemotologist. It was actually a PA with years of experiencing with and suffering from it herself. I finally have my life back!!!
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