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What is the next step

I am just wondering what the next step is.  I am on Lortab 10's, I take them every 3 to 4 hours, soma, I take them along with the lortab and I double at night to try to sleep.  Neither is touching my pain, what is the next step after Lortab.
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Probably the pain patch or implanted pain med. thing that cancer patients get when they are going to die.  You don't want to go there, please don't go there.  Your doctor can play around with a few different drug cocktails to see what works best for your pain but it takes atleast 4 to 6 weeks to let each one take effect.  It is a puzzle, a hard one, to put together.  Be patient....
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I took lortab 10's for what seemed like 4EVER. But, i also take/took MsContin 3x a day along w/ it.  My dr. switched my meds recently due to my tox screen showed i do NOT absorb hydrocodone (lortab/vicodin).  Maybe u don't absorb it either?!

THE next step up for pain control is PERCOCET/PERCODAN (oxycodone 5mg. generic name)!   I take 3 percodan's (w/ NO tylenol) a day ALONG w/ 3 MsContin 15mg.  NOTHING gets me out of pain. BUT it helps EASE the pain.  I will ALWAYS have pain & that's something I came to realize & dealt w/!!  Though................. there are MANY days when I can't bare the pain.

I USED to take Methadone & Dauladid. I HAD a major infection in my back due to a botched back surgery.   BUT couldn't handle ALL the horrible side effects. SO i literally thru the bottles down @ the dr. & said "I'm NOT taking this stuff anymore.  It makes my skin crawl, feel clammy etc. I feel like i'm strung out on drugs"!  That's cause i pretty much was. SO i went to MsContin 60mg. 3x a day & perc for break thru.  Now...... i'm on a pretty low dose of MsContin (morph sulfate) & the percodan helps for break thru pain & it having NO tylenol in it keeps my tummy feeling alright. ;)

Hope ALL this info helps.  
God Bless You
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Thanks for your comments and suggestions.  I DO NOT want to go to a pump.  I think that is my biggest fear is being to that point.  I just want to be able to function and the people I've seen with the pump still cannot function.  I don't want to be there.  I also have a fear of being on Oxy as I hope that one day there will be a miracle med that will help us all and I hear the withdrawals are horrible.  The withdrawal from Lortab alone is horrible but with Oxy it is even worse.  Thanks again!!!  
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I KNOW w/drawal is REAL.... i've been thru it be4 w/ the Methadone etc.!  BUT as long as you safely...... cut back or "ween" down off any narcotic u'r w/drawal isn't too bad.  I ONLY take what's perscribed. YET i've heard & seen many that abuse it & have w/drawal. BUT as long as one is responsible w/ the drug it isn't as bad as it's been made out 2 be.  

It's ALL personal to say the least. And for ME..... a good portion of w/ drawal for me is mental.  SO I bare it & realize i felt crappy in the past when i was re-adjusting 2 pain meds.  A few yrs. ago the "pain clinic" i used 2 go 2 wanted to put a morphine pump in me. I said, "NO FRIGGIN" way".  And started getting meds from my REG dr.!

At this stage in my own life; life w/ out "some" pain relief isn't ANY life 2 me @ all. ;)  

Hope u find some relief
Have a good weekend everyone
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Hey there,

Let me know when you find out. I am on Lotab 10 mg, Xanax, and Soma, I also also take 200 mg of Tramadol in combo with those when I feel I am dying in pain.

The Lortab 10 is basically pointless to me!! It worked for maybe 2 or 3 weeks and then nohing. I even took double- they suck really. I too want someting stronger but don't want to sound like a "pill seekere" or whatever when I ask.

Please let me know if you find something that works even fairly well!! I am in the midst of a flare up right now and about to scream!!!

Good luck and thanks for posting such a good question!
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Hey girly,,you know I only have to take the Suboxone and it works wonders for me,,I havent had anyother pain med work as well is this,,although I still get pain its not even as close to being as bad as it was.  Well talk on msg about this more.  
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Hi Melissa,

I've been thinking about you & hoping that you have been finding solutions to your problems.  How are things going?  Have you been able to find a doctor to treat you properly for the Fibro?
How are things working out with your son?  Is he being more understanding? If not, maybe you should get him a book (not real involved that he would read) for him to read & have a better understanding of the illness.
Just wondering how you are doing!

Prayers & Blessings!

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