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What kind of doctor do you see for a Fibromyalgia evaluation?

I have a lot of symptoms and I really hate it.  My husband calls me a hypochondriac, but I swear I hurt so bad EVERYWHERE and don't complain much because they think its in my head.  What kind of tests and doctor diagnoses Fibromyalgia?
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all they do is check to see if ur trigger points hurt when they push on them there are 18 and i have had fm for about 19 years and ur whole body hurts i know i did the same thing about the systems i thought it was all in my head to but it just kept on getting worse go see ur pcp and they can check for you also. take care talk soon let me know. any more wuestion i will be here for u. lisa
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Hi there;
   I first went to my internist and he ran quite a few tests including blood work to see if maybe I had Rheumatoid, he then sent me to see my Rheumy. He found 16 of the 18 trigger points and by the time I got out of his office I was in horrid pain.
   My husband and children know and understand that I am sick, tho at times it's very difficult for them to understand the full concept of this disease. I am so sorry that you are in pain. I hope this helped you out at least a little.

gentle hugs
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Hiya. Sorry your hubby is unsympathetic about it. It is hard to get used to that's for sure. Your doctor should do tests to make sure it's not lupus, rheumatoid, or any other autoimmune distinguishable through blood work. That's what mine did, complete exam, and some x- rays. We've managed it well for quite some time, even though I do flare. It'll never be perfect but you do the best you can. Start exercising now, if you don't already, and it'll help you more than you think it will.

Best wishes.
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Sorry, we've been saying doctor or rheumy  but neglecting to say rheumatologist. That's who to see.
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It is really funny how I got diagnosed with fibromyalgia. You know when you are in so much pain, it helps to laugh so I'll share this story with you.
I was getting ready for a drs. appointment with my primary care doctor. I teach 4th grade, so I have all kinds of cute notepads for holidays, etc. It was nearing Christmas, so I had a full bodied Santa Clause notepad that I had been using to send notes to parents and such. During my planning time, I decided to write down all my symptoms to take to my doctor. I just started labeling Santa as if it was my own body. I put headaches on the head, leg pain on both the legs, etc. I even took a toy car, ran it through an ink pad, and drove it over Santa's body to show that I feel like I've been run over by a truck when I wake up each morning. I went to my drs. with Santa in hand. When we started discussing symptoms, I brought out my Santa. The dr. asked to see it. He studied it for a few minutes and said, "I think I know what this is." (He has been my dr. for many yrs before this, so knew my background) That's when he told me that due to having pain in the upper and lower quadrants of my body and seemingly symmetrical, and other things that he thought it was fibro. He said if I had not labeled the Santa that it may have taken a while for us to figure it out, but he said he could just see it on my visual aid. Now he also ran many, many tests to rule out lots of other things, too. I also have a rheumy. He told me to research and read about fibro and see if I thought it fit my symptoms. Unfortunatly, it did! And to this day, Santa is still in my file at the drs. office. LOL
I hope you at least got a laugh out of this long story. If you have any questions or need to vent, just do it here. We are here for you.
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Oh my gosh...I feel for you so much.  Fibro is such a painful illness and it affects so many parts of your body.  I don't mean to scare you but since i have been diagnosed with it by a rheumatologist I have had a total of seven surgeries...the first was a hysterectomy and three months later the Fibro started.  I also started having HBP and Irritable bowel syndrome amongst other ailments.  Now I have sleep apnea, weight issues, and osteo in my knees.  I have always worked hard in spite of it and my husband has seen my suffering and has been so sympathetic.  Why!  Because he knows I try to get through each day doing as much as I physically can in spite of the pain and suffering.  This is a strange illness and they do not know that much about it yet...even though some of them think they do.  Try to find a Rheumatologist that is understanding of Fibromyalgia.  You will need the support of a good doctor and try to educate your husband as much as you can...you will need his support.  I have had it since 1999.  You will look perfectly  healthy and feel like **** most days.  But....I can say this...keep going..don't give in to it...you must keep getting up and as physical as you can every day.  Don't overdo though...or you will suffer from that too. I  wish I could be more encouraging...and you can deal with this..it is just a hard illness for people to understand!!!!
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If you google "Co-Cure's Good Physician List", you can find of list of physicians who frequently diagnose and treat both fibromyalgia and CFS.


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I sure know what it's feels like to hurt everywhere! Everyone is correct, the rheumatologist is the place to start.  Also more and more people with fibromyalgia (including myself), are finding help through natural alternatives.  I am currently seeing a certified natural healthcare practitioner who has already diagnosed me with a progesterone deficiency and adrenal insufficiency which have both been linked to the cause of fibro.symptoms. She also performed a hair analysis.  I will get the results of the hair analysis next week.  The hair analysis shows minerals and certain vitamins you may be lacking or toxic.  Mineral toxicities such as copper, have been linked to fibro. too.
The docs are good with treating the symptoms, natural practitioners are good about finding the cause for your symptoms. If you are like many fibro. sufferers, all your blood work and MRIs comes back normal, but your body is telling you something is terribly wrong. My advice from my experience, don't stop with a fibro. diagnosis and search for possible causes.
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"I am currently seeing a certified natural healthcare practitioner who has already diagnosed me with a progesterone deficiency and adrenal insufficiency which have both been linked to the cause of fibro.symptoms."

I have found more relief with "alternative medicine" than western medicine. If you ever hear of EAV testing... you may want to try it. It changed my entire outlook on medicine and healing.
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I am sooo glad to hear other fibro. sufferers are seeking the help of natural healthcare practitioners!  I think so many fibro. sufferers need to explore this route.

I have never heard of EAV testing, but will ask my practitioner about it next week during my appointment.  I am anxious to get the results of my hair analysis next week.  

The medical doctors really haven't helped me, although they have tried. Unfortunately, treating the symptoms is not the answer.  

Thank you for sharing helpful information.

Warmest Regards
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I tried to research EAV testing on the internet and didn't come across much. What does EAV stand for?

In regards to your info. about mycoplasma infections...It is very interesting, I have been on antibiotics either topically or orally for acne for the last 10 years now.  I only recently in the last 5 months went off of all antibiotics.  This is when I noticed my fibro. getting worse. Symptoms like muscle/joint pain, irritable bowel, nausea, swollen glands, fatigue(just feeling like I have the flu all the time) instead of being once in a while, are now everyday.

Just the other day before I read about mycoplasma infections, I mentioned to my natural healthcare practitioner that I think something either viral or bacterial is going on in my body causing me to feel worse.  They testing me for Epstein Barr virus and Lyme Disease and both were negative. She also said if you have a metal toxicity, your body cannot function properly and your immune system because drastically affected, leading you more susceptible to bacterial and viral infections.

I imagine there is a blood test for mycoplasma infections? I did check out the info. on fatigue illness research, but was hoping for more info. on treatment-what antibiotics work and how long must a person be on antibiotics.  I am sure there are probably natural ways to rid the body of bacteria and viruses too, so I will ask about it next week when I go to my appointment with the natural healthcare practitioner.  I am so thankful for this information!!

Warmest Regards
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Your GP must refer you to a Rheumatologist to obtain the diagnosis, that is your first step. Once established and the diagnosis is fibromyalgia he will suggest you take Lyrica and probably sleeping pills if your not sleeping well. Celadrin cream is great for the pain (look for the one marked topical) DON'T take the medication its better to deal with fibro naturally with supplements, diet and exercise. Once I realized their was no help out there I sat on a panel with 8 people suffering from fibro and heard there stories. Some of them had ruined their life with drugs and could barely function.  This was not going to happen to me. Also have a Thyroid Test done plus a Free Base test. Look up Lorna Vanderhaegue's site, she also has videos and a radio show on her site. The products she recommends have been all lab approved and tested. Pick up her book its great.

Google MayoClinic.com site (I live in Ottawa, Ont, Canada) and research everything you could find on fibromyalgia. The Internet has a wealth of information available for you to peruse.  

Here is what I did:  I made an appt. with an Environmental specialist and a Naturopath. Between both of them I have come a long way. They checked my Thyroid Level, hormone levels, iron, adrenal function just to rule out any other problems. Once armed with this information I started on supplements to build up my immune system. The Environmental Specialist will do a Food Sensitivity Test, he will provide you with a chart that you can follow, its amazing how food triggers responses in our body, we must eat anti-inflammatory foods.

Here's what was recommended for me by the Naturopath::   Thyrocare, Multivitamin (not just any vitamin one recommended by a qualified Naturopath) Adrenal supplement AOR classic series found in natural food stores, Detox supplement (Unda #1 and #20) these are drops used for detox.  I also take Arctic code liver oil (flavoured) also found in the natural food store and the only one that is researched and recommended. I take a liquid iron supplement, have your iron level tested.

Physically:  I continue to ballroom dance, do aerobic exercise, aqua fitness for the pain in my muscles 1 hr. class in warm water, watch the foods I eat and switched to eating organic food as much as possible.  I have never felt so energetic as I do now even before I got fibromyalgia. Stretching every day is very important.  

Food:  I switched to rice milk, whole grains, brown rice (not white), organic fruit, smoothies, unpasturerized honey for a sweetener and increased my fish intake. Avoid sugar as much as you can.  Use only Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Subscribe to the fibromyalgia newsletter on the Internet and you will be kept up to date with new advances. But, I find were on our own with this. I did not get tingling in my fingertips or toes but I know some people do. I get the tightning of the muscles, you feel like they won't stretch.  I use to be in bed for three days at a time. The weather will also affect you, I am really sensitive to hot and cold and I cannot be anywhere where cold air is blowing on me. The wind will also trigger it so I keep a hood on my head when its windy, everyone is different according to what triggers their episodes.

I hope I have given you a start in dealing with your problem, but you will get there it will just take some time on your part.  Keep me posted and let me know if you require any additional information. I am not sure if you live in the US or Canada?

Also, look up the diagram on the Internet, it shows you exactly where the trigger points are (google video trigger points for fibromyalgia, you should come up with it.)

Have a great day, good luck


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