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What painkillers can I take that won't lower platelets??

I have both ITP and fibromyalgia. I've had the ITP (chronic low platelets) for almost 20 years. I've had the fibro for around 14 years. I never needed pain meds (as I try to stay active running our horse farm) until just a few years ago, when the soreness kept wiping me out. I began taking low doses of Tramadol. This worked great. Over time I added 1/2 pill then 2 pills, etc. I'm up to the max of 8 pills/day. It REALLY does take care of 70% of the discomfort. However, some days when I have to load 100 bales of hay or teach standing all day, the pain gets pretty bad. So I began taking 12/ of a hydrocodone only when I needed it. This worked for about a year. Now the 1/2 pill doesn't work and I began taking 1 pill. I've never taken more than 1 a day. However, I have noticed I began bleeding. I looked it up and hydrocodone DOES lower platelets. My platelets are already low and lower is not good. Can anyone recommend something that doesn't lower platelets??  NSAIDS all lower platelets. Cymbalta and Lyrica both lower platelets. I feel like there is no hope.

-Thanks, Shanon
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