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White Blood Cell Count HIGH

If a person has CFS or  Fibromyalgia would your white blood cell count be HIGH? Especially the Neutrophils? The doctor tested me for strep, mono, bladder infection and much much more?  All test came back negative.  I know I'm trying to self diagnose but I'm tired of feeling so lazy......
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An elevated WBC can result from bacterial infections, inflammation, stress, trauma, intense exercise or leukemia.

I often would have an elevated WBC, especially during allergy season. I think it is due to the fact that the majority of fibro and CFS patients have an underlying infection and at times, our WBC can be high a result. My .002 cents worth anyway.
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I'm trying to self diagnose and I can figure out why my counts are so off.  I wish the doctor would have found some kind of infection -- just to ease my mind.  Would a steroid shot or steroid pack boost the immune system plus an antibiotic to kill the infection? I have no signs of an infection - no fever -- the only symptom would be extreme fatigue and I'm talking EXTREME.
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"Would a steroid shot or steroid pack boost the immune system plus an antibiotic to kill the infection?"

Steriods are immunesuppressants and while they can help in the short run, they will not help to kill an underlying infection. Also, underlying infections are very difficult to diagnose.

What are your symptoms and do you have an official diagnosis yet ?
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No, that's the problem.  No symptoms - in April my WBC were elevated but not over the top so my doctor didn't thing anything was wrong but I had a Z pak at home at decided to take it, I thought that should have killed anything that was living inside me but I guess I was wrong.  

I had to go back this month - I have Adult ADD to refill my prescription and he took another blood test and this time the WBC was off the chart and the Neutrophil count was extremely high. So, the office called and I had to go back to the office the next day -  the only symptoms I have notice is extreme fatigue and a chronic sore throat (drainage) which I contribute to the lovely state of Texas and it's spring/summer allergies since my strep culture came back negative.  My kids tell me I'm more irritable than normal but my problem is I have no motivation - I'm tired but cannot sleep, I can't seem to get the energy to complete anything.  Anyways, the doctor prescribed an antibiotic for two weeks (Amoxicillin / 875mg 3 times a day)  and we have scheduled another appointment for June 5th.  Hopefully, whatever bug has decided to take up shop in my body will finally die a slow death.  I might be confused, but if I was the doctor I would have prescribed a different antibiotic - maybe one that would treat the whole body (upper and lower), plus a Penicillin shot since we can not pin point where the infection is.  So, I'm in a waiting period -- hopefully the prescription will kill the bacteria -- if not, I have to go to a Hematologist. My fiance is freaked out since his first wife died of leukemia - so I'm stressed out -- he has already told me that he could not go through the whole cycle again.  Wow, so here I am - having to deal with all of this by myself.  I can't talk to the kids because I do not want them to worry - so I feel so alone.  Thanks for the advice.  I think I'm going to call the doctor and ask if I can go ahead and get a penicillin or maybe even a K Flex infection.  What do you think? I understand the steroid pack or shot would be short term solution but it definitely would get me through the last week of school with the kids - I have a 1st grader and a Freshman.
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Hi ! I would think that if you had leukemia, then your hemoglobin would be very low. It sounds like you could have an infection and I was wondering if you had sinus pressure or pain or even pain in your gums or teeth ? If so, then I would consider doing daily sinus rinses. One suggestion is NeilMed sinus rinse... you can purchase at Walgreens drug store. I would also ask your physician if he has ordered an ASO titer on you ?

Keep us posted !
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I thought chronic sore throat and extreme fatigue are symptoms of Epstein Barr virus? Did they check you for that? Let us know what happens. I have extreme fatigue with my CFS, I feel for you!
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